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This page contains links to various websites that may be of interest to shot glass collectors.  Clicking on the title of the web site will take you directly to the site.  Please contact the glassmaster with any sites that you know of and think would be useful to include here.

Shot Glasses:

bullet is largely devoted to post repeal glasses but it contains a number of useful links and ideas about displaying shots. 

Shot Glasses for Sale:

bullet John Crary maintains a bottle-collecting web site site that often has shot glasses for sale. 

Flea Markets and Bottle Shows:

bullet Flea markets can be an excellent source of pre-pro's at bargain prices for those who have the patience to sift through other offerings.  Use Google or other favorite search engine to locate markets in your area.

bullet The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors also maintains an online calendar that lists dates and locations of bottle shows around the country. Antique bottle dealers can be a useful source of pre-pro shot glasses.


bullet Custom Displays makes display cases for shot glasses at a very affordable rate (I tried duplicating one and the materials alone cost me 50% of their asking price).  Their cases have a Plexiglas cover which is essential for protecting  pre-pro glasses from dust and spouses who wish to remove it. 


Many other displays and plans for making displays can be found through the links page.

Books:  There are several  good places to find used books on the web.  These include:

bullet (my favorite)
bullet (expensive)
bullet (another favorite)



When we're talking shot-glass and pre-prohibition, there really is only one museum and that's the Oscar Getz in Bardstown, KY.  If you have a chance, you should visit.  Although their display of shots is limited, there's plenty to look at and lust over.  For more information, see the Getz page at

You can find more sites on brands used by the old companies and histories of the various distillers on the Research Links page.

Any additions??  Please contact the glassmaster!

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