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Alton     Quincy
D Busse & Son     J. H. Duker & Bros.Co. 65
  .... Drink Bluff City Club     (var)  
Fries & Busse       Drink Old Si  
  Compliments of...       Drink Quincy Belle 58*
Julius H Raible       Old Si Whiskey 140*
      Family Supply Co.  
        Harvester Seven Years Old 91
Belleville   Schnelten-Stoermer  
A Buesch Wine & Liquor       Old Fashion Straight..  
A. W. Herr Co.   A. Urban & Son.  
Jos. Leopold & Bros.     ... Wines & Liquors...  
  Blooming Valley pure Rye 33     Drink Lenox Whiskey 62
  Camp Spring Whiskey 39     ... [var]  
  Old Camp Spring 130     ... [barrel var]  
Central Dist. Co.     Rochelle  
  Central Stone Whiskey       John Hayes(Hays) 92
  .... (var)    
      Rock Island  
Geo. H. Goodman Beardsley & Co.  
Penway Co.     Quality Service  
  Ripley Club       Queen Bess Highball  
  Ripley Club (two city) 78   Emil Jennisch  
Schiller Bros   Max Kohn  
  Old Sunny Times   141*   Compliments of...  
  Old Sunny Times (embossed) 142 M Levy & Son  
      Knickerbocker Rye  
      Simon Lewis  
        ... [var] 109
Chicago: see separate index page       Drink Quail Whiskey  
        Quail Pennsylvania Rye  
        Quail Whiskey  
Danville   Louis Loeb & Co.  
John W. Cherry.. 42     Black Hawk Rye  
        ... [var]  
Louis M. Goldman   Ed. T. Murrin 123
  Drink Red Star 58*, 64     Murrin's Whiskies  
      Page & Armstrong  
        ...Private Stock  
  Red Star Kentucky Bourbon     Ferd Rodedewig Sons  
O.W. Olson< 145*     Uneeda Whiskey 188
  Drink O.W.O. 58*   Fritz J Schmidt & Sons (see also IA)
        Red Stone Whiskey
East Dubuque     Rider Club Whiskey  
The Bottle in Bond Shop     B Winter  
Thomas Clay Co. 39*     Good Luck Bourbon  
John Ellwanger Co.        
  Papp Poose     Warsaw
John Grant Dist. Co. 78*   Popel & Giller  
  .... (var) 86     Try Hancock County  
J. H. Graves Whiskey 86      
Chas F Hoefflin Family Wines     Westville  
The John Kieffer Co. 178*   Oscar W. Olson, Wholesale Liquor  
  ...Wholesale Liquor...      
Schmitt & Ferring 164
  Wholesale Liquors        
Square Deal Sales Co. 171      
Philip Freiler Co      
  Father Time Old Elgin Rye 79      
  Freiler's Century Club 81*      
  Freiler's Century Club 79      
Souvenir 169
Burrichter Bros.        
Galesburg Mfg. Co., Distillers 80      
American Distillery        
Three Star Bourbon 183*      
Jos Blumberg        
Clarke Bros. Co.      
  Clarke's Pure Rye        
  ... [var] 14*      
  Clarke's Pure Rye (l-u-g) 42      
  Clarke's Pure Rye (enamel) 38*      
  Old Clarke Bourbon 126*      
Galesburg Mfg. Co. 80      
Ludwig Gross        
  Compliments of...        
A. J. Henseler      
  Cumberland Springs        
  Jefferson Co. Club        
  Ye Olde Black Bottle Bourbon 199*      
F. W. Koetter & Bros. 107      
Arthur Lehmann & Co.      
  Jersey 101      
  Jersey Highball      
  Jersey Pure Rye 93*      
  Jersey Pure Rye 101      
  Jersey Rye      
  Jersey Rye Highball        
  Richland Whiskey        
  Richland Highball      
  ... (panel var)        
Chas. Leuthner & Son 109      
The Oriental Liquor Co.      
  Peoria Co. Club. 149      
  Peoria Co. Club        
  Zahringer's Pure Stock 200*      
  Zahringer's Pure Stock 1906      
Schwabacher Bros.        
  Diamond Wedding Fire Copper        
  Diamond Wedding Sour Mash        
  ... [red label]        
L. D. Wells Wholesale 192      
Wells & Colburn        
Woolner Bros. Distillery      
  Moss Wood 117*      
  Met Zahringer Yet        
  Zahringer's Oriental Liquor 200*      
  Zahringer's Pure Stock 1906      
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