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The Large Distillery
RD #5, 23 rd District
Allegheny County, PA

(Est. 1796)

The distillery was built on farm land owned by the Large family alongside Peter's creek, a tributary of the Monongahela river. In 1884, Frederick C. Renziehausen bought an interest in the distillery. He was a representative from Schuetz, Renziehausen & Co. , a Pittsburgh liquor wholesaler.

Henry Large Jr. died in 1895 and Renziehausen acquired the farm, the distillery and the recipe for Pure Monongahlea Rye. Renziehausen then built a new and modern distillery with freight lines running in from the Wabash railroad to provide raw materials and carry out the product. He also added bonded warehouses and later, a bottling plant. In 1907, fire destroyed the distillery building but it was replaced immediately.

The Large whiskey brand received Grand Prize with gold medal at exhibitions in Paris (1900), St. Louis (1904), Liege (1905), Milan (1906), Jamestown (1907), Brussels (1910), Ghent (1913), London (1914), San Francisco (1915) and during prohibition in Rio de Janeiro (1923). (From "The Case of Whiskey", George Coes Howell, 1928).

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