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       Glass Inscription    State
      Thomas Pollard Pure Rye     PA
      Presented by US Glass     PA
      Provost Vigor Bitters For That Tired Feeling     
      Pure OK Old Rye Wm H Boos     OH
      Red Cross Whiskey Western Distilling Co.     NE
      Red Fox Rye Mueller     CA
      Red Top Rye Whiskey     OH
      Rich Mellow Private Stock Fine Old Whiskey     MA
      Rooster Bitters Weis Chicago     IL
      Sealskin Whiskey     
      Seiferths Old Carnation     PA
      Spring Hill Perfection Whiskey     MO
      Starbright Whiskey Genuine Hand Made Sour Mash     MO
      Sunrise Pure Rye Sonnenschein     IL
      Take a Drink     PA
      Tel 2845 Knapps Thirst Quenching Emporium     NH
      Teutonic Rye Whiskey     
      The Best of All Whiskey HS     NY
      The Old Fort Distilling Co     IN
      The Old King Pure Rye B Lindqvist     IL
      The Pike Whiskey The Best That Ever Came Down     MO
      The John Wedderburn Co Pure Food Liquor House     DC
      This Whiskey is Thoroughly Ripened Old Thompson     KY
      TPA Choice Old Bourbon The Kaysner Hegner Co     OH
      Trade Caspers Whiskey Pleases     NC
      Trade Mark Hawks Liquor Co Corn Liquor Kings     WV
      Turners Hartford Conn     CT
      Uneeda R Whiskey [red label]     IA
      Victoria [enamel]     KY
      Vim Pure Rye H Varwig & Son [enamel]     OR
      Welchs Grape Juice 1905 Lewis and Clark     NJ
      Whiting Wholesale Liquor Co Baseball Whiskey     IN
      Wolfs Famous Distilling Co     MO
      M Wollstein Wholesale Liquor Dealer     MO
      Woodcock Whiskey O Keefe     NY
      Woodland Whiskey Crigler [red label]     KY
      Yankee Rye Whiskey OB Cook & Co     MI

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