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       Glass Inscription    State
      American Club     OH
      American Navy Rye Whiskey Blend     PA
      Angelus Wine Co Watts Calif     CA
      Aviator High Above Everything     
      Bell Brook Springs Hand Made     MO
      Black Cat Rare & Old Whiskey     OH
      Black Cat Wont Scratch     OH
      Black Hawk Rye Louis Loeb & Co     IL
      Blue Blood Club Whiskey Kentucky Liquor Co     WA
      R Bond Whiskey H Varwig & Son [enamel]     OR
      Brownfield Sour Mash Whiskey Roche     IL
      Carmen Kentucky Bourbon Mett Kanne     MO
      Casting Club Rye Whiskey Union Wholesale Liquor     IL
      Claussen Mothers Malt Seattles Best Tonic     WA
      Jed Clayton [enamel]     OH
      Jed Clayton [colored enamel]     OH
      Commodores Royal OK Bourbon     OR
      Dave Copperfield [enamel]     OH
      Crown Diamonds Old Malt Whiskey     WA
      Custers Reserve Whiskey     CA
      Cyrus Noble Pure Old Honest     CA
      Daily True Regulator Esselbruegge     MO
      Daylight Special Whiskey MV Monarch     KY
      Dont Drown the [engraved] Hog     
      Double Eagle Whiskey     NY
      Dr Capias Herb Bitters     
      Draw The Line at the Hog     
      Dr Hackers Specific Bitters     PA
      Drink Beaver Rye     NY
      Drink Georgia Cream Whiskey     WA
      Drink Glendales Celebrated Green Ribbon Rye     GA
      Drink Old Kentucky Home Club OPS     OR
      Drink Old Private Stock Whiskey     OR
      Drink Walker&Co Bride of York     PA
      Dr Petzholds German Bitters Baltimore     MD
      James J Duffy Club House Whiskey     NY
      Eastern Club 10 Year Old Rye Rothschilds     
      Enjoy Life Bismarck     NY
      Every Time We Drink DDD     MA
      Famo Hand Made Sour Mash     MO
      Father Helmick Old Rye     OH
      Fire Copper Double Distilled Glee Club     KY
      4 Quarts Ozark Queen 4 Quarts Old Kentucky     MO
      Wm Fousts Sons Glen Rock [label-under-glass]     PA
      From the Casper Co Winston Salem [rev]     NC
      Full Weight Pure Maryland Rye Whiskey Edwards     OH
      Golden Eagle Whiskey Golden Eagle Distilleries     CA
      Golden Hill Rye Whiskey Bayer Schwartz Co     OH
      Golden Raven Whiskey Schlank     NE
      Gold Mine Whiskey Bayer Dayton     OH
      Grandpas Rye [label under glass]     OH
      Green Mountain Distillery [blue label]     MO
      H Hackfeld and Company Limited Honolulu     HI
      Happy Billy Stein Brook Importing Co     MO
      Hortings Safe Whiskey Lancaster     PA
      Hudson Whiskey Merit Sells It     OH
      Hulman and Beggs Wholesale Liquors     IN
      Indian Bitters Murray Co     CT
      Kentucky Protection Co     KY
      Labors Choice All Rye All Union All Right     IL
      Lekko Stomach Bitters Struzynski     IL
      Levinsons Buffet Seattle     WA
      Lilydale Whiskey     CA
      Log Cabin Liquor House 502 Main St     WA
      Magnolia Old Bourbon     OR
      DJ Mahoney 287 Asylum St Parsons Theatre Cafe     CT
      Malabar Herb Tonic     
      Medicinal Patts Malt Whiskey Dempsey     MA
      Monteagle Pure Rye Nelson Co     NY
      Monument Tap Bunker Hill     MA
      Mothers Malt Seattles Best Tonic     WA
      Mountain Elk Fine Old Whiskey Phil Tone     MA
      Night [picture of a nightcap]     
      Nightcap Whiskey     
      No Place Like Home     
      Oak Valley Whiskey OKeefe     NY
      Old Black Thorn Whiskey Jas Thompson     KY
      Old Fashion Hand Made Sour Mash     KY
      Old Jordan That Good Whiskey     KY
      Old Kentucky Home Club OPS     OR
      Old Kentucky Liquor Co Cripple Creek     CO
      Old Man River Pure Rye Whiskey     Canada
      Old Prentice Whisky     KY
      Old Rookery Hand Made Canadian Malt     MA
      Old Rose Leaf Trade Mark Whiskey     MO
      Old Scenter Rye Griesedieck     MO
      Old Settlers Club     IL
      Old Valley Whiskey Extra Special Quality     NY
      Old Volunteer Pure Rye Whiskey     
      Old Yucca Rye Wm Teobald     MN
      Only Spanish Will be Spoken Here     
      Oriental Pure Rye Whiskey Loeb     MN
      Our Specialities Fine Blends [rev]     PA
      Out of Little Acorns Old Continental     KY
      Pacific Club OK Old Bourbon [label under glass]     OH
      Pan American Exposition When You Drink [tail down]     NY
      Petts Celebrated Bald Eagle     MA
      Jacob Pfeffers Tippecanoe Whiskey     OH
      Phoenix Bourbon Naber Alfs Brune [var]     CA
      Pirate Club Pure Rye Whiskey     PA

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