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Words are tsp and etched in the points of a frosted star. In the center of the star is tsp:
(design) / BELLE (arched) / OF (wavy line design to either side) / ANDERSON (reverse arched) / (design), and to either side of the lowest point of the star is frosted TRADE MARK and the initials GT at lower right.

         ID#: DKW211

A close-up of George Truog's signature, "GT"
Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Edmonson:Not listed
Brand Registration:1882
S J Greenbaum listed from 1883-1917.

This is one of the glasses known to have been crafted by master etcher George Truog of Cumberland, MD. The design can be found in his sketchbook and is reproduced in OASG.

S J Greenbaum owned the Glenarme Distillery at Midway in Woodford Co. The distillery also lists in Louisville directories under its own name. Letterheads from 1905 include M S Greenbaum who, by 1914, is shown as President of the company. D J Lincoln is named as Secretary and Treasurer.

Brand names used by this company include: "Arlington", "Belle of Anderson", "Glenarme", "Green Mountain", "Jessamine", "Old Bald Mountain Corn", "Penna. Club Rye", and "Reading Rye."

Company name timeline:
S J Greenbaum (1883-1890), Samuel J Greenbaum (1891), S J Greenbaum (1892-1893), Simon J Greenbaum (1894), S J Greenbaum (1895-1909), S J Greenbaum Co. (1910-1915), S J Greenbaum & Co. (1916), The S J Greenbaum Co. (1917)

Address timeline:
135 3 rd (1883-1886), 6, 142 W Main (1887-1893), 112 W Main (1894), 142 W Main (1895-1909), 126 W Main (1909-1916), 611 Columbia Bldg. (1917)

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