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DRINK (arched) / OLD PRIVATE STOCK (arched) / O.P.S. / WHISKEY (reverse arched) / COBLENTZ & LEVY (reverse arched) / SOLE CONTROLLERS. PORTLAND, ORE. (reverse arched). All letters tsp on frosted panel with a tsp border.

         ID#: DKW202

Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:Measurements omitted
Edmonson:HSG, p. 58, entry #1
Coblentz & Levy listed from 1889-1913.

Thomas (WBO, p. 9) has a detailed history. The original partners were Lazard Coblentz, Levy, Alex Rosenwald, and Isaac Kohn and they were based in Plymouth CA. In 1890, Coblentz & Levy left for Portland and the partnership dissolved. Rosenwald and Kohn remained in Plymouth, the store later becoming G. & M. Roose, Inc. Coblentz & Levy orginally were at 128 Front St, moving to 166 2 nd in 1893. They were called "Coblentz & Levy" from then until 1910, at which point they became the Coblentz Co. The firm was headed by Lazard Coblentz while Julien Coblentz was secretary treasurer. In 1911 they moved to 104 5th St N and the company incorporated in 1912. It closed in 1913.

Brand names used by this company include: "North Star Old Kentucky", and "Old Private Stock."

Company name timeline:
Coblentz & Levy (1889-1910), The Coblentz Co. (1911), The Coblentz Co. Inc. (1912-1913)

Address timeline:
166 2 nd (1889-1912), 105 5 th N (1913)

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