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John E. Fitzgerald Distillery R. F. Baike Co. Old Ky, Distillery
  Old Judge 132   Mellwood Special 109
W. A. Gaines   Woodbury 197
  Pure Old (picture of bird) Jno. T. Barbee & Co. Inc. 19
  Sour Mash Whiskey 151 Belle of Nelson Distillery
 Paul Jones Distillery   Belle of Nelson Whiskey 53
  Four Roses 70 Belmont Distillery
  Paul Jones 94   Belmont Whiskey 24
Old Judge Distillery I.W. Bernheim & Bros.
  Old Judge 132   Kentucky Reserve 98
The Geo. T. Stagg Co.   Metropolitan Whiskey 111
  Carlisle Pure Rye 35   Old Continental 126
  Geo. T. Stagg Co. 182   Pure Old Hickory 152
E. H. Taylor Distillery   Shaw's Pure Malt 164
  Carlisle Pure Rye 35   Warwick 191
  O.F.C. 122 123 Bonnie Bros. Distiller
Gethsemane   Bonnie Rye 28
Orene Parker Dist. No. 47   Joel B. Frazier. . 14
  Old Maid Whiskey 136   Nelson Club 118
Greenbrier   Old Joel B. Frazier 129
Greenbrier Distillery, Murphy-Barber Co. Boyd Bros. & Co.
  Kentucky Greenbrier 97   Happy Hollow Whiskey 17
Henderson Bretzfelder-Bronner & Co
The Winstead Distilling Co.   Old Lee 66 135
  Sebree Spring 163 J. T. S. Brown & Sons
  Silk Velvet Sour Mash 166   Old Prentice 138
  Silk Velvet 196 Brown-Forman Co
Hobbs   Beech Fork 21
Old Grand Dad Distillery, Inc   Brown Forman Distillers 29
  Cherry Brook 38   Old Forester 128
Lawrenceburg   Old Tucker 142
T. B. Ripy Distillery   . . . Tucker Special 173
  Old Ripy Whiskey 139 Geo. Cohn
Lebanon   Lone Oak 105
Mueller-Wathen-Kobert Distillery   Old Holly 132
  Morning Glory Rye 116 Consumer's Distillery
Lexington   Royal Society Rye 160
The Gutzeit Co. Crab Orchard Distillery Co.
 Billy Burke & Zenda 31   Old Crab Orchard Whiskey 126
Hagan Crystal Spring Distillery Co. 49
  Here's to Your Good Health 85 E. J. Curley Co.
James E. Pepper Distillery   Boone's Knoll 28
  Old Pepper 137 J. P. Dant
  James E. Pepper 148   Old Ballard 124
  Jas. E. Pepper & Co. 148 J. J. Douglas Co. 55
Pepper-Adams Distillery H. D. Eggers
  Seal of Kentucky 163   Old Drennon Whiskey 128
A. Schwabacher N. L. Fitschen Co
  Coaching Club Rye 39   Old Commander 126
Stoll-Vanatta Distillery Lapp Goldsmith Co
  Elk The Best Whiskey 62   Crow Whiskey 49
R. S. Strader & Son S. Grabfelder Co.
  Old Barton Rye 86   Echo Spring 60
Loretto   Echo Spring Whiskey 60
Geo. R. Burks Distillery A. Graf Distilling Co
  Happy Hollow Whiskey 17   Old Governor 129
  Burks Spring 31 Simon Greenbaum & Bros.
Louisville   Dr. C. Bouvier's Buchu-Gin 28
Anderson-Nelson Distillery   Belle of Anderson 128
  Anderson Sour Mash 16

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