Ralph is collecting force that perhaps can best be described as "Category 5" (a nod to hurricane Katrina that recently devastated New Orleans and coastal Mississippi).   In my early days of shot-collecting on eBay, I quickly came to appreciate that few could stand in his path if he took a liking to a shot glass, but the more I've learned about his passion for all things pre-pro, the more I stand in in awe of his knowledge of the early liquor industry and the sheer scope of his collecting vision. 

The fear than he can instill in competitors on eBay is equaled only by his generosity in sharing his enthusiasm, interests and collection with fellow collectors.  If ever one could wish for a collecting mentor, then this is the man.  Ralph has been an spirited booster of since its inception and he one of the few who have put their money where their mouth is and painstakingly photographed and documented his collection for inclusion in the shot-glass database.  It's my pleasure to be able to showcase it here.

Ralph is based in Johnson City, Tennessee so it's only natural that he's accumulated a sizable collection of rare shots from his home state and its immediate surrounds.  As of writing, Ralph's contributions to the database (displayed in this mini-web) amount to over 100 TN and VA shots.  But Ralph also has a penchant  for the beautiful and truly rare.  His collection  includes at least 100 more finely-etched shots from California, Colorado and the Territories of The Old West.  A few of these are shown below, and hopefully they can be documented for inclusion on the database in the near future.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy Ralph's collection by browsing either a list or a series of showcase pages containing thumbnails linked to the relevant listing page.  We thanks Ralph for sharing his collection with us: if you are interested in having your own collection included on this website, please contact the glassmaster.

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