Collector's Showcase


        with: Barb & Roger Roy 

Barb and Roger's "fancy" glasses arrayed for our delight when went live for the first time back in 2002.

This latest edition of Collector's Showcase brings you some stunning glasses shared with us by Barb and Roger Roy (pictured above).  Roger has been collecting shot glasses "..since he was old enough to drink what came out of them", which just goes to show you what time, patience, and the encouragement and participation of a like-minded spouse can achieve.  Roger and Barb's collection is impressive by any standard and we're very grateful that they're willing to share them with us here. 

    Roger and Barb specialize in label-under-glass shot and beer glasses, although they also have an enviable collection of enamels and picture glasses.  Label-on-the side glasses are displayed in the case at right, while label-on-the bottoms are in the case at the bottom of the page.

(Note that all the photos here are linked to larger versions so that you can see the glasses up close.  Just click on the pics to view the more detailed photos.  These larger versions are up to 300 kb in size, so those of you without broadband will have to be patient)

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the couple have added several lug's to their collection in the past few years.  Notable among them is a label-on the bottom "Red Top Rye".  This fills out both the lug collection and a collection of glassware advertising the famous brand (below right). 


Red Tops in many forms on parade:

You can take a look at some of the other glasses in the Roy collection on the next page.  It includes four photographs of glass display cases - again, just click on the pics to view the glasses in detail.  But the Barb and Roger Roy shot-glass story does not end here.  As mentioned above, it's taken many years to assemble this museum-quality collection.  If you pull your dog-eared copy of OASG off the shelf and open it to p. 2, you'll find a long credit line that includes the following: "......(Barbara took time out from her mothering and household chores to help me measure, and draw)".  Barb and Roger's collection was catalogued and included in OASG, but Barb also contributed drawings that help make OASG something more than a simple collector's handbook.  The drawings are what give both HSG and OASG their charm and appeal.  This may seem trivial to someone who's never tried making renditions of their glasses.   I have tried -- and it was so difficult that I ended up cheating.  Luckily, the Roys still have the original sketches and some of them are reproduced for our pleasure here.  Take a look.  I was impressed beyond words.

Thanks once again to Barb and Roger for the wonderful photos and for sharing them with us!  If you'd like to comment on the glasses, please do so in the Chat Room, or send an e-mail to


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