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l This section of is turned over to YOU, the collector at large. 

It features regular articles on shot-glass lore by Dick Bales, Howard Currier, and by anyone else interested in contributing reviews of shows, histories of a particular glass or glasses, pics of your crystal treasures -- anything you think might interested other collectors, we'll feature it here.  Drop a line to the glassmaster

PLUS - don't forget to drop in on the Bulletin Board - it's a way to chat with fellow collectors in real time!

Collector's Showcase:  
- view exceptional and rare glasses from the collections of:

l Rich Lucchesi
l Roger and Barb Roy
l Ken Schwartz
l Paul Van Vactor
l Ralph Van Brocklin
l Kevin Wade


l "The Common Stuff"
- a regular glass feature column by Dick Bales

- a series of articles on pre-pro shot collecting and collectors, appearing in the Federation of Historical Bottle Collector's quarterly journal, "Bottles and Extras"

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