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The Midacore database family contains a wealth of information about many aspects of the liquor industry and its principals during the years leading up to Prohibition.  At its heart is the Liquor Dealer database; over 20,000 liquor wholesalers and retailers are listed, along with their dates of operation and business addresses during the period 1860-1920.  The Distilleries database provides information about where the dealers were obtaining their wares, while the Whiskey Brands database identifies names of brands sold by the dealers.   The Dealer listing pages also showcase bottles, jugs, advertising and many other branded items that have survived from this era.  Chief among them are shot glasses: three different databases contain information and values on 10,000 or more known examples.  Click on the links below to access any of these databases.
LIQUOR DEALERS:   Business directory listings for Wholesalers and Retailers
This database includes information gleaned from city business directories on names and addresses of Distillers, Rectifiers and Liquor Wholesalers from 1860 to Prohibition.  Listing pages also showcase many artifacts associated with these businesses.
DISTILLERIES The Distilleries Database
A compilation of information on the actual distilleries who were supplying the wholesalers and who were themselves often a direct source of advertising.
BRAND NAMES:    The Robert E. Snyder Whiskey Brand Database
Bob Snyder tracked the origins and use of thousands of pre-prohibition whiskey brands.  New brands are added monthly to help collectors identify the source of a branded bottle or piece of advertising.
SHOT GLASSES:   The Shot-Glass Database  
One of the main goals of this website was to create an online database that lists ALL known shot glasses, along with information about their origins, their originators, and with a clear picture if available.  It's updated monthly to incorporate new information and contributions.

Collectors: please consider contributing data on your glasses to help this database grow!

SHOT GLASSES:   The Barbara Edmonson Database
There are only two books that list pre-Prohibition shot glasses and their values.  Both were written by  Barbara Edmonson.  The first was Historic Shot Glasses (HSG), the second Old Advertising Spirits Glasses (OASG).  Both have been scanned, uploaded, and made freely available here.  A cumulative index that lists every glass in HSG, OASG, and that appears in the Shot-Glass database (above) links you with relevant pages in the books and/or the Shot-Glass database.
SHOT GLASSES:   The Sales Database
The database includes sales data from 30,000+ glass auctions logged over the past sixteen years, including several thousand that are unlisted in the two databases above. 

Access requires a membership fee; serious collectors will want to take out membership at the Sniper level to access statistics showing rarity and values of pre-pro glasses.  Trial memberships are available.

If you find thes databases useful, please consider helping support the site with a financial contribution. survives on the generosity of its patrons alone: we receive no corporate sponsorship.

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