Disclaimers and Terms of Use.

By taking out Membership and submitting payment for access to the Auction Database, you are agreeing to the following terms of use and are acknowledging its inherent limitations. 

You are also agreeing not to hold, the current or past glassmaster, or anyone even remotely connected with financially or legally responsible for decisions you might make regarding the value of glasses, even if these decisions were influenced by the database. 

If you choose to pay large amounts of money for a shot glass based on what you find in the database, that's your entirely your concern.  We would advise you to take the money and put in a savings account rather than spend it on a cheap, fragile, throwaway from the 1900s.  In fact, you'd have to be bordering on barking mad to pay more than a dollar for any pre-prohibition shot glass, however rare and/or desirable. 

The glassmaster reserves the right to terminate membership at any time and for any reason, including irrational mood swings.  If you end up spending your child's inheritance or even lunch money on pre-prohibition glasses after flipping though the listings in the database, that's not our fault.  Please don't sent abusive or threatening e-mails because that will result in termination of membership.   We'd be glad to help you cash in your glass collection if you need to send the kid to college, however.  Contact the glassmaster with any questions or (friendly) comments.   


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