Common Error #5

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This is actually not a bad way of documenting shot glasses. From the look of it, the glass is sitting on a glass plate supported on two USPS boxes. The window placement provide ample natural light and the cloudy day ensures that reflections and glare are kept to a minimum.

The main problem here is that the background is very cluttered and because the glass is clear we have a difficult job distinguishing the label from the noise.

Fixing this would have been relatively easy. The first option would to have been to drop the camera by a few inches so that the lens was looking up at the glass. The background would have then have been the sky.

The other fix would be to get much closer to the glass. This would make the background drop out of focus and create a nice soft green blur against which to shoot the glass. Getting close to a glass is a very effective way of losing the background because the plane of focus becomes extremely narrow.

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