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From: Richard Bales
To: Robin Preston
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 4:59 PM
Subject: tales from the field

Dear Robin,

I thought that you might want to have a new feature on pre-pro called "Tales from the Field." To start it off, I am submitting these three Chicago shot glases. As you can see, these are three distinct varieties of the "Bowler's Club" glass. One is "very old," one is "very fine," and one is "extra fine."

I only purchased one of these from eBay. I bought one at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, bottle show last year. As you may recall, you very graciously lent me the money to buy it! What a guy!
I obtained the third glass in a rather unusual way. A friend of my wife knew that I collected shot glasses. She visited an antique store one day, noticed some glasses, and very carefully wrote down their descriptions. One of the glasses was the Bowler's Club. When I expressed an interest in this glass, she went bac k to the store and bought it for me!

I visited the store the following week and looked at the other shot glasses. I noticed that the store had about five very old mini-mugs. I had earlier read the BOTTLES AND EXTRAS article about Ed Sipos, and so I knew that he collected these mugs. I e-mailed him about my find, and he ended up contacting the store and buying a few of these mugs!

Dick Bales