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From: "Brad Allin"
To: "Robin R. Preston"
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 4:03 PM
Subject:  Found in the Wild!!

Robin, found a nice glass I hadn't seen before at a local Antiques Show.

I would consider it "Minty Mint". The only reference I can find is in OASG page 83:
Gold rim, monogram AG&Co. in frosted octagon/Glen-Forest/Hand Made/Fire Copper/Sour Mash. Below octagon in script A. Graf & Co./ ST. LOUIS, MO., followed by letters in long tail from Co. "PROPRIETORS". The only difference is it's OD height measures 2 3/8".
If I read it right, nice early glass circa 1887-1898.

Brad Allin