Reference Library

The library is an online equivalent of a bricks-and-mortar collection of books and journals.  Its mission is to make writings and reference works related to the pre-Prohibition liquor industry available to anyone who might be interested in researching this period in US history.  Naturally, the focus of the collection is shot glasses, but you'll also find many texts of related interest within its ethereal walls.

Some of the collected works are available free of charge in html format.  This includes Barbara Edmonson's two classic works on shot glasses.  More books and articles will be added to the online collection in time.

The bulk of the collection is hardcopy but, for a small fee, members can request copies: see the fee schedule for costs.

Donations to the library (either hardcopy or scans suitable for online presentation) are always welcome.  Donors will be recognized on the "Our Patrons" page.

Questions or comments?  Contact the librarian.

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