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The New Hope Distilling Co. Distillery
RD #101, 5 th District
Nelson County, KY

(Est. c. 1875)

RD #101 and RD#146 were built side-by-side at New Hope. Cecil notes that the first still was built by Henry Miles and was small (5 bushels/day), but when the L & N Railroad reached New Hope, he and his son E L Miles built a new plant (The E L Miles & Co. Distillery: office in Louisville) capable of mashing 20 bushels a day. The output of the distillery was handled by Thomas H Sherley, a distiller and commission merchant from Louisville. Sherley was later became known as the architect of the Kentucky Distilleries & Warehouse Co., one of the companies that emerged from reorganization of The Trust.

The New Hope Distillery Co. (office in Louisville) was built alongside the E L Miles & Co. around 1875 by Miles and Sherley. This was a much larger plant (originally 200 bushels, expanding to 1,000 by 1895) and produced the "New Hope" brand.

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 note that the two distilleries were both of brick construction with a metal or slate roof. Slops from the stills were fed to cattle housed in two frame barns set 8 ft apart some 110 ft east of the stills. The property included four warehouses, all brick-built with metal or slate roofs:
Warehouse "A" -- 170 ft west of the stills
Warehouse "X" -- 150 ft SW
Warehouse "B" -- 165 ft south
Free Warehouse -- 120 ft west

Sherley died around 1900 and Miles sold out to the Kentucky Distilleries and Warehouse Company.

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