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The O.F.C. Distillery
RD #113, 7 th District
Franklin County, KY

The O.F.C. was built alongside the Carlisle distillery (RD #2, 7th. Dist.) on the Kentucky River at , about 1 mile north of Frankfort.

Both distilleries were owned by E H Taylor Jr. around 1869. By 1873, the OFC had been torn down and replaced with a more modern plant, but it was destroyed by fire nine years later. The replacement was built from brick and stone.

Taylor borrowed heavily from George T Stagg of Richmond to complete the work, but Stagg foreclosed and took control of the distilleries and E H Taylor brand name (Cecil, 1999)

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1895 describe the distillery as being of frame construction with a metal or slate roof. The property included four warehouses and a hot house, all brick with metal or slate roofs:
Warehouse -- Free A -- located 72 ft east of the OFC and 72 ft east of the Carlisle.
Warehouse -- Bonded A -- 145 ft east of the still and adjoining Free A.
Warehouse -- Bonded B -- 325 ft east of the still and adjoining the corner of Bonded A.
Warehouse -- Bonded C -- 650 ft east of the still.
Hot House -- 90 ft east of the still and 15 ft south of Free A.

At that time, it was being operated by Geo. T Stagg, as E H Taylor, Jr., Company's O.F.C. Distillery.

By 1920, the OFC was owned by Albert B Blanton, who had started out as an office boy and worked his way up through the ranks to become manager and eventual owner. The distillery continued bottling medicinal spirits during Prohibition and began distilling again in 1929 to replenish stocks. After Repeal, it was leased to Schenley and continues today as the Buffalo Trace.

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