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CARLISLE / PURE RYE (lettering is tsp on a frosted ribbon with curlicues behind the ribbon)

ID#: TGM1054
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:2-5/16 " x 2-1/16 " x 1-9/16"
Edmonson:HSG, p. 35, entry #7
Brand Registered:1881
The Geo. T Stagg Co. listed from 1864-1919.

Snyder says the company operated 1892-1919. The Wilsons (p.135) say Stagg was first listed ln Boston and New York, from 1864 until prohibition. Downard (p. 178) suggests that in 1873 George T.Stagg became the principal owner of the OFC Distillery in Frankfort that had been built by Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr. When Stagg died in the early 1890s the plant was bought by the Duffy family, known for Duffy's Malt Whiskey. In 1920, Albert Blanton purchased the plant to produce medicinal whiskey, but he sold it to Industrial Gram Products of Buffalo, NY, which in turn, in 1929, sold out to Schenley Distillers Corp. Before it was phased out in the 1970s, the distillery was the largest Schenley plant in Kentucky. (OASG).

The Carlisle Brand was established in 1892 by Geo. T. Stagg, Frankfort, KY.; Carlisle Standard Sour Mash, est. by Stagg in 1880. Stagg owned the Carlisle distillery (RD #113) at Frankfort Ky from at least 1914 to 1920.

They had a branch office in Chicago, IL.

Brand names used by this company include: "Carlisle Stanford", and "Stagg's Elk Horn."

Company name timeline:
The Geo. T Stagg Co.

Address timeline:
1 mile N on Leestown Pike

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