The Ten Most Common pre-Pro Glasses
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#1 The Hayner Distilling Co., Dayton & St. Louis
(appears for sale every week)

#2 O! So Good Rieger's Whiskey, Kansas City
(every two weeks)

#3 Sunny Brook Pure Food Whiskey Inspector
(every three weeks)

#4 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY (tail-up variant)
(every three to four weeks)

#5 Detrick Distilling Co., Dayton, 10th District
(every three to four weeks)

#6 Kellerstass Pure Rye, Kansas City
(every three to four weeks)

#7 Lock Box 290, The Hayner Distilling Co.  (no-tail variant)
(every three to four weeks)

#8 Woodland Whiskey, Crigler & Crigler (red-label variant)
(every three to four weeks)

#9 Myers & Co., Fulton Whiskey (-x- variant)
(every five weeks)

#10 Walsh's Special #4, Walsh & Co., Boston
(every six weeks)

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