Bottles and Extras, Vol. 14, Issue 4 (Fall 2003), pp. 52-54

NOTE :  most of the photographs below are hot-linked to a corresponding page in the database.  Just click on a  photo to see more detailed information on a  glass and its origins, then use your browser's "Back" button to return to the article.

        In this issue,  Random Shots will take an in-depth look at a shot glass collector and his extensive collection of Louisville and other Kentucky glasses.   Paul Van Vactor gives some insights about the origin and growth of his collection.  A long time collector and antique dealer, he's a native of, and still resides in, Louisville.  He and I both would like to thank Robin Preston for the painstaking photography of the glasses shown here.   This issue contains only a sampling of Paul's collection.  The entire collection can be viewed in the database at  By the way, Paul is one of the few dealers left who still do periodical sales lists of their glasses and bottles.  It's a nice, leisurely way to augment a collection.

Q:  Paul, what first got you interested in collecting pre-pro shot glasses?
 Over thirty years ago, I subscribed to a magazine called WESTERN COLLECTOR.  I remember the issue arrived on Saturday and I read this story about shot glasses written by Bill Gaylord.  Immediately, I drove to downtown Louisville to hit some antique shops and found my first shot glasses - one was an "Old Drennon" from Louisville and a "Lick Run Sour Mash" from Cincinnati - several others.  That was the start.  I saw Bill Gaylord at an auction in Sacramento about fifteen years ago and I thanked him for writing that series of shot glass articles.

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