Q: I'm curious why you limited your collecting field to Louisville and Kentucky shot glasses?
A: My interest in collecting has always been in the local area.  Being a native of Louisville, the distilleries in Louisville, Bardstown and Western Kentucky have always been fascinating.  One could build a collection of a thousand or more shot glasses with all the brands and variations.

Q: Just how large is your collection of shot glasses?
A: My collection is rather small for the availability.  Currently, I have about 156 glasses.  I pick up and eliminate a few here and there based on how common a glass might be.

Do you collect other whiskey related material aside from glasses?
A: Distilleries were prolific advertisers - lots of give-away material - and I try to collect a little bit of everything.  I have a few advertising signs, trays, tip trays.  I have a collection of enamel and color enamel back bar bottles, decanters, salesman sample back bar bottles, a few nice amber whiskey bottles and, of course, whiskey advertising jugs of most sizes.  Some of the fun things, however, are the "smalls" that distillers gave away - the turn of the century watch fobs, match safes, pocket mirrors, advertising cards, celluloid notebooks - just all sorts of small things that would hold advertising.  I also have a small collection of quadruple plated water pitchers and teapots.

Q: How do you display your shot glass and bottle collection?
A: Well, at the moment, that's a problem.  We just moved into a new home and most everything is packed up in boxes.  However, I think if I had an old wooden back bar, I could display the glasses and bottles around the bar.  So far, we've not had any luck finding one short enough for our basement, which is only eight and a half feet high.

Q: Without revealing any secrets, what are your chief sources? 
A: The secret is out, I'm afraid.  The best source is antique bottle shows.  I have always traveled and antique shops, shows and malls are still a pretty good source.  eBay is good but bring your checkbook - the good glasses can go pretty high in price.  People know I buy shot glasses and I do have an opportunity from time to time to buy a collection.

Q: What references do you use to check the availability and value of glasses?
A: I have three books on shot glasses by Barbara Edmonson.  Barbara was kind enough to use some of my glasses in all of her books, so I can draw on that experience of working with Barb,  I think other collectors hold a wealth of knowledge and experience and I've tried over the years to keep in touch.  A new source is pre-pro.com - this will be the source of the future where you have internet databases devoted to collecting shot glasses.

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