Finding pre-Pro Glasses on the Web
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There are disappointingly few places to find pre-pro shot glasses on the internet - if anyone knows of additional sites, please let me know.


Online auctions are, without doubt, the best places to find shot glasses.  eBay is the 200lb gorilla in this regard and is such an important source of glasses that we've devoted a section of this web site to all matters eBay.


bullet John Crary maintains a bottle-collecting web site site that usually has shot glasses for sale.  Well worth a visit from time to time.
bullet Sweeney's Emporium is an online antique store that specialises in Western items.  It carries a limited range of shots at overly inflated prices, but worth checking in on from time to time.
bullet Branford House Antiques includes a page of pre-pro shots.
Their prices are all over the map, suggesting that the owners don't have any real sense of worth, but patient and persistent collectors may eventually find a bargain here.


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