Where Can I Buy Shot Glasses?
Shots For Sale Shots Wanted On the Web By Mail In the Wild Bottle Shows Shipping Glass Pre-pro shot-glass collectors are typically introduced to the hobby through some happenstance.  They may see a shot glass at a flea market and buy it on impulse -- for no other reason than it looked like a bargain.  They then become intrigued by its origins and want to acquire and learn more.  Others may find themselves coming into possession of a small collection following the death of a parent or grand-parent.  They then either sell or set about expanding the collection. So how does a fledgling pre-pro collector acquire new glasses?  This area of the web site was designed to help answer that question.  

It's organized into several sections:

Clicking on he "Shots For Sale" link will take you to a selection of glasses that are available through this web site.  We also make this page available to collectors wishing to sell glasses - there is no charge for this service.

The  "Shots on the Web" link lists some of  the other places that you can find pre-pro shot glasses on the internet.  Note that this does not include online auctions - there's a separate section of the specifically devoted to finding glasses on eBay.  It contains information to help buyers and sellers get the most out of eBay and related auction sites.

The "Shots in the Wild" link takes you to a page that discusses some of the best places to find shot glasses and strategies for helping them come to light.

The "Shots Wanted" page  is a place to register shot-glass wants and needs. The service is free and anonymous.

Good Hunting!!

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