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This page is provided so that the collecting community can register specific wants and needs. Please contact the glassmaster to have a listing inserted or to respond to an existing listing, citing the number that appears in parentheses at the end of the ad. There is no charge to have an ad placed.

If you have a glass that you're interested in selling, you may also want to browse the Collectors Directory for individuals who have broader collecting interests. You may also arrange to have glasses sold through this website - contact the glassmaster for more details (additional information can be found on the Sales Page).

WANTED TO BUY:  AM Smith Merry Xmas glasses, years 1897-1898, 1898-1899, 1902-1903, and 1905-1906, the Dakota Belle from Moorhead, MN, any from Duluth or St Cloud, MN, and several from Minneapolis and St Paul (#042713)

WANTED TO BUY:  Green Brier Tennessee whiskey / Charles Nelson shot glasses (#120111)

WANTED TO BUY:  Any items from Bonnie Bros, including branded items: Bonnie Rye, Joel B. Frazier, Old Jim Gore, Dog On Good, Nelson Club, W H Kirby, and Woodford Co. (#113011)

WANTED TO BUY:   Any shots from Coshoction, Ohio. Shots of all brands Ferdinand Westheimer & Sons carried from Louisville & Cincinnati. Label under glass, fanciful, enameled, taller shots. Lighted liquor signs up to 50s only (#052211)

WANTED TO BUY:  Wanted to purchase for private collection, Cumberland Maryland Items, Braddock Rye, Stump, Lichtenstein,  and any items done by  George Truog & The Maryland Glass Etching Works. $$TopDollarPaid$$ (#031411)

WANTED TO BUY: Any pre-pro item related to the Winstead distillery in Henderson Ky. Especially "Silk Velvet" items. (#122510)

WANTED TO BUY: Sacramento shot glasses wanted:  H. Weinreich/Silver Sheaf Bourbon (Edmonson - OASG, p.167),  Golden Grain Bourbon/M. Cronan (Edmonson - OASG, p.84),
Golden Grain Bourbon/M. Cronan (Edmonson -HSG, p.75), California A Favorite (Edmonson - HSG, p.32 at top).

WANTED TO BUY: Corkscrews, advertisements, pens, etc. from the McHenry Distillery of Benton, PA. (#122509)

WANTED TO BUY: Shot glass - "Drink National Guard Whiskey; National Liquor Store; Halsted St., Chicago, IL Herman J. Lebovitz" (#051409)

WANTED TO BUY: Shot glasses from T D Casey & Co. of Pittsburgh, PA. (#041209)

WANTED TO BUY: A.M.Smith shots (#031709)

WANTED TO BUY: pre-pro shotglasses or liquor items from Hawaii. (#022409)

WANTED TO BUY/TRADE: Any pre-prohibition whiskey advertising from Kansas City including shot glasses, bottles, corkscrews and paper ads. Please let me know what you have. (#012909)

WANTED TO BUY:pre-pro liquor items from The Dubuque, Ia, East Dubuque, Ill and Galena, Ill area. (#112708)

WANTED TO BUY: E.J.Riffle Co. Choice Whiskies / Sam Riffle / J.E. Sykes / Penn Rye shot glasses, 1904-1919, Pittsburgh. Shot glasses, bottles, etc. (#111008)

WANTED TO BUY: Any items from G W Schmidt Co. from Pittsburgh PA. Wine, Liquor & Cigar Importer from 1836- Prohibition. (#092908)

WANTED TO BUY: Shot glasses featuring Old Tub whiskey, or any featuring Jack Beam (example 1, example 2) (#092508)

WANTED TO BUY: All items pertaining to J A Withers distillery in Allenville, MO>, alsoAugust Hulet Fine Whiskies, Carl Junction Mo. (#092507)

WANTED TO BUY: An "Edward Germain Wine Company" shot glass (#042707)

WANTED TO BUY: I am a local collector looking for Richmond, Va. shot, whiskey and beer glasses. (#030207)

WANTED TO BUY:SAN DIEGO Druggist & Shot Glasses + "Good Roads" Shot Glass. (#112706)

WANTED TO BUY: Any items from Records & Goldsborough
of Baltimore, Maryland circa 1885-1919 (#071706)

WANTED TO BUY: Wanted any Shot Glasses/Druggist Glasses/BOTTLES from SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA. (#070606)

WANTED TO BUY: Milwaukee, Wisc. shot glasses and any related Milwaukee distillery items such as back bar bottles, signs, trays, corkscrews, paper items, etc. (#062506)

WANTED TO BUY: Pre-pro shot glass, Hunter Baltimore Rye / Christy & Wise / sole agents or any marked with this trademark for my personal colllection (#041806)

WANTED TO BUY: Bernheim or Bernheim Rexinger shot glasses or memorabilia (#041506)

WANTED TO BUY: Pre-pro shot glasses from Kalamazoo, MI (#022106)

WANTED TO BUY: Pre-pro shot glasses from Oregon: any and all, with the exception of Zimmerman & Co. glasses (#022006)

WANTED TO BUY: I am looking for anything related to Kellerstrass Distillery, shot, bottles, openers, ads, etc. (#012106)

WANTED TO BUY: Shot, Beer and embossed Dose glasses from the Seattle/Washington State area - top dollar paid for unique items to add to my personal collection. (#011006)

WANTED: Shotglasses or Druggist Dose Glasses from San Diego, Calif. also Wanted "Good Roads " shot glass. (#123005)

WANTED: Any whiskey related items marked “Jas. Gorman” from Lynchburg or Roanoke Virginia. Looking for any shot glasses, bottles, crocks, corkscrews, paper etc. (#121905)

WANTED: Casper whiskey items, Jugs, Shot glasses, Paper items. Any North Carolina shot glasses!! If you have a glass that you don't want to sell please send me a picture for my web page. (#101205)

WANTED TO BUY: Items relating to F.W.Hunt & Co. Boston, Mass. For our Museum In Island Falls, Maine. (#092105)

WANTED TO BUY: Items relating to the Hespenheide family whiskey/rye business, which was located in the Pittsburgh/Allegheny area of Pennsylvania. (#091505)

WANTED TO BUY: ANY ITEMS REGARDING ROHR MCHenry Whiskey of Benton Pennsylvania as well as all items from W.L. Frankhouser Dairy Farm of HoneyBrook Pennsylvania. (#050904)

WANTED TO BUY: Will pay top dollar for any Enameled Shot Glass thats also a Label Under Glass, like a John Hancock Glass. Doesnt have to be a Hancock...Any Enameled Lug thats in excellent condition will be OK. I will pay top dollar for one, as I need a copy of this type of glass to finish my collection out. (#050405)

WANTED TO BUY: shot glass or bottle of labeled “OLD McBRAYER BOURBON". (#033005)

WANTED TO BUY: shot glass labeled “Old Cove Whiskey Steelton PA” Older glass with letters in the textured like paint. (#030705)

WANTED TO BUY: shot glasses from Taylor & Powell Company, Ft Smith Arkansas. (#022705)

WANTED TO BUY: All items from the "M Quinn Wholesale Grocer & Liquor Merchant" of Kansas City circa 1900's. Incl. shots & jugs. (#021505)

WANTED TO BUY: Embossed medicine dose glasses advertising drugstore, pharmacies or apothecaries. Will consider all, but really need those from Southern US states -- GA, FL, SC, NC, AL, MS, LA, TN, etc. Also need lots of the Western or MidWestern state to add to my collection -- AZ, MN, CO, ID, NV, MT, ND, OK, UT, WY, etc. Any leads would be appreciated. (#012805)

WANTED TO BUY: shotglasses from Hyneman of Philadelphia>. (#120504)

WANTED TO BUY: items from Langert's Liquor, Monogram Saloon, Donau Brewery, all Tacoma pre-1900. (#112404)

WANTED TO BUY: any items from my family's distillery, and marked "Shawhan". Have one Shawhan pre-pro shot glass in my collection. Would like more. Don Shawhan. (#110704)

WANTED TO BUY: embossed San Francisco/San Jose druggist/pharmacy dose glasses. (#101804)

WANTED TO BUY: any glass from R.M.Rose, Jacksonville,Fla. (#082204).

WANTED TO BUY: any items from Bacci Bros., Chicago, IL (#051404).

WANTED TO BUY: any glasses or other items from Hilmar Ehrmann & Co., Louisville, KY. (#051204).

WANTED TO BUY: any glasses from Chattanooga, TN (#030204).

WANTED TO BUY: pre Pro San Francisco Picture Shot Glasses (#041103)

WANTED TO BUY: glasses or any other items from "L. Wagner & Sons" based in Jefferson City, Missouri. (#040503).

WANTED TO BUY: Cerruti Mercantile/Promotion Wine & Liquor glasses (#033103).

WANTED TO BUY: shotglasses representing Frieberg & Workum distillery operated out of Lynchburg, Ohio, and later ran as The Lynchburg Distillery Co. Not to be confused with the famous Jack D. Will pay more than fair price (#032703).

WANTED TO BUY: an "Old Pogue"shot glass - it's an unlisted glass from the Pogue distillery in KY. One sold at auction on eBay in Feb. 2002 and it's the only known example (#020603).

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