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Bristol   Lynchburg
  M. I. Hessberg Son & Co. Inc     Jack Daniels Distillery
  Souvenir German-Baptist 1905 170   Jack Daniel's Gold Medal. . 52*
      Drink Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 56*
Chattanooga   .. (var)  
A. L. Alsobrook & Co.       .. (var, modern)  
  Alsobrook's Hancock...       Tennessee Squire 175*
  Alsobrook's Puliker       .. (var, black)  
  Alsobrook's Whiskey        
  Compliments of...     Memphis
  .... (var)     Old Raynor Whiskey  
E. R. Betterton (White Oak Distillery) American Supply Co.  
  White Oak Tennessee Whiskey 194     Golden Age  
  ...  (var)     Sam Baumgarten & Co.  
  White Oak Distillery Sour Mash 194*   Old Oliver  
  .... (var) 193   D. Canale & Co.  
  .... Highball       Drink Old Dominick  
  Just a Thimble Full....       Drink Old Dominick (TN, AR)  
R. H. Cate & Co.     Central Dist. Co.  
Fletch M Catron       Central Stone Whiskey  
Chattanooga Distillery       .... (var)  
  Drink...Gold Eagle Corn Whiskey 63   D.R.S. Distilling Co.  
  Old Tennessee Club Sour Mash 143   James Longinotti & Co. 113
  .... (var)     Emil Nathan & Co.  
  Old Yellow Seal       Cream of the Still  
C. D. Cheatham Wholesale Liquor       Old Modoc  
The Dayton Distilling Co. Penway Co.  
  Old Mont-Day. . .Chattanooga 177*, 179   Ripley Club 78
The Detrick Distilling Co.     J. C. Pidgeon Co.  
  Detrick Distilling Co. 177*     Clover Rye 43
        Clover Rye (heavy)  
  Detrick Distilling Co. (var) 57   Purity Distibuting Co. 154
  Detrick Distilling Co. (panels)     H. Scott & Sons 162*
Dootson-Evans Co.     Strauss, Levy & Bowers 49
Edwards & Lebron, Jewelers        
E. B. Gibson Wines & Liquors     Nashville
  ....  (var)     Geo. A. Dickel & Co.  
  Compliments of       Cascade Whiskey 118
  Moccasin Club       ... (var: bar glass)  
  The Mail Order Man (thimble)     W.T. & C.D. Gunter Co.  
The Glendale Co.   Gunter's IXL No 7  
  Glendale's Race King Rye 56*   Gunter's IXL Whiskey 80*, 89
Paul Heymann       Gunter's Landing (beaded) 80*, 89
  Silver Hill       .... (label var)  
J.W. Kelly Distillery   .... (var: font)  
  Silver Springs Whiskey 168   S Hartman Dist. Co.  
  Special Deep Spring 168*   Compliments of ...  
  ...(highball)     Hermitage Distilling Co.  
Will Lea & Co.     B. W. Hooper & Bro.  
Jim McCarty       Compliments of ... 47
  Old Wild Cat Corn       .... (var: wreath)  
National Order Goods       Compliments of ...Grocery  
Rice Bros. Co.     Chas. Nelson Distillery
R. M. Rose Co.       Green Brier Tenn. Whiskey 78*
  Purity Guaranteed, TN, FL 160     .... (var: leaf design)  
  .... FL, TN        
  Purity Old Fashion Rye 154     .... (var: horseshoe)  
  Rose Chattanooga...       .... (var: horseshoe)  
Scott Price Distillery       Nelson's Green Brier  
  Compliments of....       .... (var: plain text)  
  Compliments of SPD ...       Nelson's Rock Corn 118*
  1880 Old Lookout Club       Rock Corn 149*
  Old Scott Pure Corn Whiskey 141   Tennessee Dist'g Co.  
Star Liquor Co.       Compliments of...  
  ...  (var)     Hotel Tulane Cafe 96
  .... (var)     C. C. Waggoner & Bro.  
  ... (var: bar glass)        
  Compliments of [metal]        
Thompson Straight Whiskey Co. 183*, 185    
Tolley-Betterton Co.    
  Madden's White Oak Special 106*    
Vogt-Applegate & Co    
  Old Beechwood 124*    
Wakeman Distilling Co.        
  Old Wakeman        
  .... (var)        
Baum's Home of Flowers        
Cable Motor Co.        
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