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      Welcome to the Kevin Wade pre-Pro shot-glass collection!  This mini-web within www.pre-pro.com  showcases Kevin's glasses and introduces the collector himself in a short article about his collecting goals and philosophies.

You can enjoy the glasses in two different ways. 

    You can access an alphabetical listing of all glasses in Kevin's collection, sorted by first word on the glass.  Clicking on the listing then takes you to a listing page where you can find a larger picture and some details of the glass and its history.  These pages are components of the larger pre-pro.com shot-glass database.  

   Alternatively, you can see all of the glasses in Kevin's collection in showcase pages much like this.  Each page holds 25 small photographs.  Each photograph is linked to the relevant  page in the pre-pro.com database, so that you can find out more about the glass simply by clicking on the photograph.

If you're interested in having your own shot glasses showcased in a mini-web like this, please contact the glassmaster@pre-pro.com.  There is no charge.

Many thanks to Kevin for providing the photos and for allowing us to enjoy his spectacular glass collection!

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