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Maysville   Old I. W. Harper 131
Boyd Bros. Biederman Distilling Co.
  Old Time 105   White Fawn 194
H. E.Pogue 105 Loeb Bloom & Co.
J.H. Rogers & Co.   Caney Fork 25
  Limestone Whiskey 121   Jack Tar 92
Midway Dreyfus-Weil Co.
Belle of Jefferson Dist.   Old Pete Cooper Rye 126
  Jersey Cream 1873 93   Old Cold Springs 193
Rugby Distillery   Gilt Edge 73
  Belle of Jefferson 22 Paris
Woodford Distillery Julius Kessler&Co.
  Bell of Lexington 23   Kessler's White Rve 99
  Woodford Whiskey 197 Silver Creek
Nelson County (See also Bardstown Warwick Distillery
& Louisville)   Warwick 191
J. B. Beam Stamping Grounds
  Jack Beam Sour Mash 20 Buffalo Springs Distillery
Coon Hollow Distillery   Buffalo Springs Whiskey 30
  Coon Hollow Whiskey 47 Uniontown
Early Times Distillery 59 J. M. Lancaster Distillery
New Hope   Log Cabin Bourbon 105
E.L. Miles Co
  Milestone 112 MARYLAND
New Hope Dist. Co., E. L. Miles Co. Baltimore
  DC New Hope Sour Mash 52 D. L. Arey
Newport   Merry Widow Whiskey. . 57
The Birchwood Dist. Co Blumenthahl & Bichart Distillers
G. B. Gerdes Co   B&B Fine Whiskey 19
  Old Lexington Club 24 Calvert Dist. Co.
Oregon   Calvert A. . 33
C. M. Dedman Distillery   Calvert B. . 33
  Old Kentucky Owl 134   Calvert Reserve. . 33
Owensboro   The Banner Maryland Rye 33
Belle of Kentucky Distillery   Old Drum Maryland Whiskey 128
  Belle of Kentucky 22,23 Thos. G. Carroll & Son Co.
Glenmore Distillery, Jas. Thompson & Bro   Return Baltimore Rye 156
  Tom Hardy 81 Frankfort Distilleries, Inc.
  Kentucky Tavern 92,99   Paul Jones. . . Baltimore, MD. 94
  Kentucky Club 97,179 Wm. Lanahan Co.
  Old Thompson 141,183   Hunter Baltimore Rye 89
Green River Distillery H. Rosenheim & Son
  J. M. McCulloch Sour Mash 109   Spring Dale Distillery Old Rye 169
  Green River 195 F. J. Siegel & Company
Lancaster's House of Quality 102   Maryland Rye Whiskey 166
M. V. Monarch Distillery Wilson's Distilling Co.
  Jockey Club Bourbon 93   Atlas Bourbon 18
  Kentucky Standard Select 98
P. E. Payne Distiller MASSACHUSETTS
  Davy Crockett Bourbon 48 Boston
Rock Spring Distilling Co The Bergin Co.
  Hill and Hill 87  Bergin's Old Bradford Whiskey 24
  Old Kentucky Colonel 133,134 C. Berry Co.
  J.T.Welch Whiskey 192   Berrys Diamond Wedding. . . 56
Thixton-Millitt Co M. Burke
  Owensboro Club 145   Cuckoo Rye Whiskey. . 49
Paducah M.H.Cobe & Co.
L W. Bernheim Bro   Plymouth Rock Whiskey 149
  Old Harper 130 H. Edwin Crane
  Old Harper Whiskey 130 Paul Revere. . . 8 Yr. Old. . 156

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