Shot Glass Gaffes
Up a Level Glass Gaffes What'sIt??? This is a shot glass fluff and typo page.  Thanks to collector Roger Vaughn for enthusiastically tracking down several of these gaffes.  

Now I wonder what Mr Joseph A Winterholer had to say about this one???

Many of you will be familiar with the "Merry Christmas" glasses produced every year from by Andrew M. Smith of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The business resided at 247-249 Hennepin from 1899 thru 1914, except in 1910, when it appears to have hopped three blocks up the street to 547-549 Hennepin!!!

The "Old Hickory" glass at left is one of the first I acquired when I started collecting shots.  It comes from the Breslauer Co of Milwaukee WI.  I've looked at the glass many times in the past 15 years and never ONCE noticed the mis-spelling of "Milwaukee".  It took eagle-eyed Roger Vaughn to point this one out to me.  The most amazing thing is that the error is duplicated on the baby version of this shot!!

Now here's a nice little glass - only ever seen a couple of these.  Nice picture of a jug of K-A whiskey but hey, wait, what's that say in teeny print on the jug's label?  

Hand Made Cabinet Boubben???
..........say "oooops" Bubba!

So which is it "Cuban" or "Cuben" or "Cuban" or "Cuben"????? 

You don't really need an enlargement of the gaffe to appreciate this classic - I wonder what the guy who ran off a gross of these glasses was thinking as he packed and shipped them to Kansas City?!!

... can we say

This gaffe looks almost normal - even after having entered 5,000+ glasses into the various databases!!

In case you're wondering, it's actually spelt "LIQUOR"....!!

Last time I checked, it was still spelt "Indianapolis", but whose counting "n's" anyway...!


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