Shot Glass Nuggets
Glass Gaffes What'sIt???
So you're probably wondering what a "shot glass nugget" is, right?

This area of the site is rather like that top drawer of the desk where you stuff unused stamps, foreign coins, toothpicks, sticky-notes, dead batteries, chewed pencils, fossilized erasers, an odd sock, an ancient kitchen measurement conversion table etc etc etc.

It's the drawer where all of life's odds and ends find a final resting place.  It's a place to put all the stuff that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

"Glass Gaffes" was an idea sparked by Roger Vaughn's eBay listing of a glass from, er, "Millwaukee".  It's a collection of shot glass typos, some obvious, some not, but all must have been embarrassing in their day! 

The "What'sIt???" page was unwittingly founded by Kevin Wade.  It's a collection of interesting glasses that had GREAT meaning and significance to someone once upon a time, a century later, we have NO idea what that meaning might actually have been.  

If anyone has any idea for adding to the junk pile, please get in touch with the glassmaster!

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