Up a Level Glass Gaffes What'sIt??? Every so often we come across a glass that is wonderfully detailed and highly attractive but whose meaning has been lost in the proverbial sands of time.  If anyone has any ideas that could shed light on the origins of these glasses, please get in touch with the glassmaster.  Thanks!


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This glass says "Happy We've Been Athigether".  Sounds distinctly like a drunk Scotsman to me and the fact that there is an abundance of thistles (the Scottish national symbol) reinforces the idea of a Scottish libation theme.  A Hogmanay glass perhaps? 
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"Only Spanish will be spoken here until further notice".  A demon ponders the posting.  A ripple in the calm waters of Spanish-American relations perhaps?  
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"Going Back On a Friend".  One of my favorite old glasses - but I don't have a clue as to what George Truog was thinking when he etched this glass.  Any ideas?
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"Filling the Pot Spoils the T".  Why would anyone want to put this on a shot glass?  One could interpret this as meaning that too much water makes the pot of tea weak - any ideas?
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