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Uneeda (arched) / R / Whiskey (reverse arched). The "R" is tsp on a frosted star at the center of a curlicued circle design. Around the edge between two circular outlines is: *FERD.RODDEWIG SONS* (arched) DAVENPORT, IOWA. (reverse arched)

ID#: DKW232
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Red-etched
Edmonson:Not listed
Ferd. Roddewig Sons listed from 1855-1909.

The company was also located across the river in Rock Island, IL.

Ferdinand Roddewig was born in Westphalia, Prussia, Germany, June 26, 1828. He was a son of Frederick and Charlotte Roddewig, both natives of Germany. Ferdinand lived with his father, attending High School until he was 15 years of age then clerked in a wholesale linen store until he was 20. He then emigrated on his own to the US, landing in New Orleans in November, 1848.

He remained in New Orleans for 18 months while learning the cigar trade. He then moved to St. Louis, MO., and worked here until January, 1851, when he opened a cigar factory.

In 1855, he moved to Davenport, IA and opened a grocery and liquor store at 413 and 415 Harrison St. The wholesale business was opened in 1869.

Ferd. Roddewig died in December 1885 and the business passed to his his three sons, Paulo, Peter, and Ferd. Jr. An 1887 account describes the business premises:
"The building has been planned throughout to secure the great essentials of light, air, and convenience. Its thick walls and sturdy foundations, heavy girders and solid partitions, all indicate the honest character of the work, while every modern improvement has been introduced by the enterprising owners. The main floor, devoted to the firm's splendid and unrivalled stock, is 32x152 feet in dimension, with a ceiling fifteen feet high. The cellarage accommodations beneath are unexcelled, which, with the warehouse in the rear, completely filled, enables them to fill the largest wholesale orders".

Information above has been extracted from:
History of Scott County, Iowa (1882) Chicago: Interstate Publishing Co.
First album of the city of Davenport, Iowa (1887) Davenport: Huebinger's photographic art gallery., p. 22.

Thanks to Victoria Roberts for retrieving and forwarding the history of the company. Ferdinand Roddewig was her Great Great Great Uncle.

Brand names used by this company include: "Uneeda."

Company name timeline:
Ferd. Roddewig Sons (1909)

Address timeline:
413-415 Harrison St (1882-1887), 409-411 Harrison St. (1869-1909)

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