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Bouquet (slanted script) / Rye (script) / HUMPHREY & MARTIN, / PHILADELPHIA, PA.

ID#: RRP148
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:2-5/16 " x 2-1/4 " x 1-5/8"
Edmonson:Not listed
Humphrey & Martin listed from 1860-1918.

Listing originally (1870) as Wholesalers & Importers, also as Distillers and Rectifiers from 1906-1918.

There is no record of Humphrey or Martin in the city directories in 1860 or in any of the succeeding years until 1869. The directory that year showed a Lambert Humphrey and a William Humphrey, who were identified as being the proprietors of "L Humphrey & Bro., Liquors". Lambert and William were one of four Humphrey brothers that all had involvement with the business over the years. They were born and raised in Flemington, NJ, (Hunterdon County).

In 1879, Lambert's home address changed to New Jersey and the following year he was replaced by Samuel. The business was now known as "William Humphrey & Bro., Liquors". In 1882, William dropped out and disappears from the directories. He was replaced by John W. Martin to yield the "Humphrey & Martin". Martin was Samuel Martin's brother-in-law. His sister, Emily G. (Emma) Martin, was Samuel's first wife. She died at age 29 from consumption, but may explain why John is shown in driectories to be living with Samuel Humphrey at 535 Franklin for a couple of years after he first appears in the directories.

In 1892, Samuel Humphrey joined with several other prominent Philadelphia wholesalers to build the Philadelphia Pure Rye Whiskey distillery in Bucks Co., PA.

Prohibition killed to business. Samuel Humphrey retired and both he and his son (Samuel Jr.) disappeared from the directories in the early 20's. John W. Martin died in December 1916 from a hemorrhagic ulcer. Samuel Humphrey and Samuel Jr both died in 1930.

In 2005, a seller on eBay listed several items (shot glasses and glass photographic negatives) from the Humphrey estate. The seller refused to provide details, but it seems that this descendant was living in Camden, NJ., across the river fom Philadelphia.

MANY thanks to Helen Hopson, a relative of Samuel Humphrey, for providing and many of the details of the company and family history.

Brand names used by this company include: "Anchor Rye", "Bouquet", "Clyde", and "Golden Lake."

Company name timeline:
L Humphrey & Bro. (1870-1880), W Humphrey & Co. (1881), Samuel Humphrey & John W. Martin (1882-1917), Samuel Humphrey (1918)

Address timeline:
N 3 rd & Callowhill (1872, 1876, 1895), 237 Callowhill (1882) , 401-403 N 3 rd (1870-1918)

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