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McGREAL BROS. CO. (last two words are stacked one over the other) / 31 EAST (frosted circle outline enclosing a Y-shaped map indicating a fork in a road, with the business location marked with a small square) AVENUE / ROCHESTER, NEW YORK (reverse arched)

ID#: RRP4050
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:2-5/16" x 2" x 1-9/16"
Edmonson:Not listed
McGreal Bros Co. listed from 1887-1907.

In 1887, McGreal Bros. lists under grocers in the business directory, but are shown as Liquor Dealers in 1906.

The history below is from William F. Peck, History of Rochester and Monroe county, New York. From the earliest historic times to the beginning of 1907 (Volume 2).


Lawrence G. McGreal, president of McGreal Brothers Company, wholesale liquor dealers, is a native of Walworth, Wayne county, New York, born on the 18th of February, 18-56. His parents were James and Anna (Gannon) McGreal, both of whom were natives of Ireland and came to this country about 1850. The father was a farmer by occupation and located at Walworth, where for many years he carried on general agricultural pursuits. He has now departed this life, but his wife is still living.

In the public schools of Macedon, New York, Lawrence G. McGreal acquired his education and afterward engaged in the nursery business at that place. Subsequently he was connected with the Lakeview Nursery, Tones and Palmer, proprietors, of Rochester, New York, remaining with that firm for about ten years. On the expiration of that period he engaged in the nursery business on his own account, meeting with success in the undertaking. In the spring of 1883, however, he turned his attention to mercantile pursuits, establishing and conducting a grocery business in connection with his brother John J. McGreal. They conducted the store for four years, or until 1887, when they sold their stock of groceries and in the same room opened a stock of cigars, tobaccos and liquors, beginning business in that line in a small way.

Their patronage rapidly increased until their trade became very extensive and they entered into the field of wholesale operations, now owning and occupying two places in this city, one at No. 457-459 Main Street East and the other at No. 35 North Avenue.

In July, 1905, the business was incorporated under the name of McGreal Brothers Company with Lawrence G. McGreal as president and treasurer, John J. McGreal vice president, and Anthony McGreal secretary. There is a paid up capital of fifty thousand dollars and the business is now growing satisfactorily and has already reached extensive proportions. Their goods find a ready sale over the entire western part of New York. The company has been fortunate in getting hold of such brands as the Gibson whiskies and a choice line of domestic champagnes, gins and brandies. They are also direct importers of the leading wines, brandies and cordials of Europe, now having extensive sales, and from a small beginning the business has reached large proportions.

In 1887 Lawrence G. McGreal was married to Miss Alice Fitzgerald, of Rochester, and they have two sons and three daughters: William J., Raymond, Helen, Florence and Catharine. Mr. McGreal is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Credit Association and is connected with several fraternal and benevolent organizations. He belongs to the Ancient Order of Hibernians, of which he is county treasurer, and he is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. He belongs to the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, was one of the first presidents of branch No. 87 and at one time grand deputy of the diocese of Rochester. He served on the finance committee of the grand council of the state of New York for six years. The association now has a reserve fund of over a million and a half dollars and has done a most excellent work in connection with the relief of its members. Mr. McGreal is a man of ready sympathy and broad charity, responding quickly to any tale of distress and giving ready aid wherever substantial assistance is needed. In business life he has displayed careful management and keen discernment and his watchfulness and diligence have constituted the elements in the success which he is now enjoying.

Brand names used by this company include: "Gibson's", and "Major Burke."

Company name timeline:
McGreal Bros Co.

Address timeline:
25 N Ave (1887-1906), 31 E Ave

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