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1992, Barbara Edmonson
2003,  All rights reserved
Welcome to the Gateway for Historic Shot Glasses.
This is an online version of the classic book by Barbara Edmonson.  It was published in 1992 and is a revision of the
1985 original .  Values were updated in revision and several extra glass listing pages were added.  These are presented in the Addendum. 

The virtual version of HSG works much like the real book.    It has the same number pages as in the hard copy (224) and each page has a scanned image of the original. 
Please have patience while the image loads
Each is around 50 kb in size, meaning it will take 15-20 seconds to transmit using a standard dial-up modem.  The file size was required to preserve text resolution.


If you have a glass in hand and want to locate it, then identify the first word on the glass (Edmonson's conventions are reproduced here if you need guidance) and then open the book by turning to the online index.  This provides links to every page in HSG along with a brief description of the first entry on that page.  Thus, if you're looking for a glass with the label "Brown Forman Distillers", open the book and scroll down to p. 29, which begins with the entry "Bowler's Club".  Clicking on either the title or page number takes you to the relevant page and the glass of interest is entry #8 on the page. All of the pages are linked together, so clicking on the links within the page allows you to leaf  forwards or backwards through the book just in case your initial selection was mistaken.

For those of you looking to locate a glass by state or distiller, then HSG index pages are available also, arranged by State.  You can access the pages from the links above or from the online index page. The original index pages have been converted to html and each  entry linked to the relevant listing pages.  This makes it possible to jump to the page of interest in a single click. 

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