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      Glass Inscription    State
      Ravenna Haas & Co     OH
      Ravenna Maryland Pure Rye     OH
      Reagan & Imorde Whisky     KY
      Reaper Company     IL
      Records & Goldsborough Melrose Rye     MD
      Records & Goldsborough Melrose Rye [var]     MD
      Red Bud Whiskey     LA
      Red Chief Distg Co Kansas City [rev]     MO
      Red Chief Rye For Good Indians     MO
      Red Clover Whiskey Browns Liquor Store     PA
      Red Cross Whiskey Western Distilling Co.     NE
      Red Deer Whiskey Bottled Expressly For Family Trade     MA
      Red Feather Maryland Rye     IL
      Red Fox Rye Mueller     CA
      Red Fox Rye Mueller [var]     CA
      Red Fox Whiskey Luria     NY
      Red Fox Whiskey Luria (red)     NY
      Red Seal Rye F&Co     WI
      Red Seal Rye N&F     WI
      Red Snapper Loeb Bloom Co Paducah Ky     KY
      Red Star Kentucky Bourbon     IL
      Red Top     MO
      Red Top Rye Whiskey     MO
      Red Top Rye [beaded]     MO
      Red Top Rye [bar glass, beaded]     MO
      Red Top Rye [speckled]     MO
      Red Top Rye [outline]     MO
      Red Top Rye Whiskey [beaded, caps]     MO
      Red Top Rye Highball     MO
      Red Top Rye [label under glass]     MO
      Red Top Rye [label under glass: var]     MO
      Redsway Club Water Street     ME
      Chas S Reed     E Grand Forks
      J Rees Nicollet Ave     MN
      Regina Pure Rye Whiskey     OH
      Rehkoph Dist Co     KY
      Rehmanns Rye The R Brand Co     OH
      Reigarts Original Franklin Co Rye     PA
      Otto Reining The Old Ale Vaults     PA
      John Reis Wine Garden     MO
      Relda Louis J Adler     PA
      Relda Louis Alder Pittsburgh     PA
      Remember The Fireside Cafe     MH
      Remember the Home Liquor Co.     OH
      Remember You Always Pay Less     MN
      Remington Liquor Co Portland     OR
      Repeater Rye Again & Again     MO
      Return Baltimore Rye     MD
      Return Trade Mark Baltimore Rye Thos G Carroll Son Co     MD
      Revelstoke Rye Lyons     MA
      Paul Revere Trade Mark     MA
      Reyam Club Whiskey     IN
      Reynolds Private Stock     PA
      L A Rhomberg & Son     IA
      Rice & Shane 60 Market St     CA
      Richardson Brunsing Co Oak Run     CA
      Richardson's R-Vino     MA
      Rich Grain Distilling Co     MO
      Richland     IL
      Richland Highball Arthur Lehmann & Co [var]     IL
      Richland Highball Arthur Lehmann & Co     IL
      Richland Whiskey     IL
      Rich Mellow Private Stock Fine Old Whiskey     MA
      Richmond Shriner 230 1909     
      Richmond Club Whiskey     KY
      Richmore Whiskey Glynn Co     NY
      Rich Valley Whiskey     IL
      Ridgemore Whiskey     CA
      Ridgewood Wine Liquor Ask for HS Monogram     NJ
      John Riedesel Restaurant and Family Liquor Store     NY
      Riegers 8 Year Old Monogram     MO
      Riegers Double A     UT
      Riegers Monogram Whiskey     MO
      G Riesmeyer Dist Co St Louis     MO
      G Riesmeyer Dist Co [highball]     MO
      E J Riffle Choice Whiskies 21 So Diamond     PA
      E J Riffle Co Penn Rye Whiskey North Side     PA
      Sam Riffle Penna Rye Whiskey Sykes     PA
      Ringold     OH
      Rists Cattlettsburg [typo]     KY
      Rists Mail Order Liquors     KY
      C H Ritter & Co Westminster     MI
      Roanoke Dist Co Inc Largest Quickest Best     VA
      Roanoke Rye SB Co     CA
      Jeff Roberts Family Liquor House     OH
      Robertsons Dundee Whisky     UK
      P J Robischon Genessee St     NY
      Frank E Roche 1360 South St     PA
      Rock Rye and Honey     MA
      Rockport Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond     PA
      Rocky Fork Hand Made Sour Mash     KY
      Rocky Fork     OH
      Ferd Roddewig Sons     IA
      Roeke's Royal Rye     
      Rogers Wholesale Liquors     OR
      Roggetto Club     OH
      Rohrers A Whiskey J Rohrer     PA
      Rohrers A Whiskey J Rohrer [ital]     PA
      Rohrers A Whiskey Rohrers Liquor Store     PA

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