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      Glass Inscription    State
      Tom Taylor [shooter]     IL
      Tom Taylor [bar]     IL
      Taylor Brook Rye Whiskey     MA
      Taylor Brook's Pure Rye Whiskey     MA
      Tom Taylor Straight Bourbon     IL
      R V Taylor Whiskey     
      Taylor & Williams Yellowstone     KY
      Tea Cup Bourbon Shea Bocqueraz Co     CA
      Tea Cup Bourbon Shea Bocqueraz and Co     CA
      Tea Cup Whiskey Shea Bocqueraz     CA
      Tea Cup Whiskey Loinaz     CA
      Tel 2845 Knapps Thirst Quenching Emporium     NH
      Telegram Rye David Netter & Co     PA
      Telegram Rye David Netter & Co [var]     PA
      Telegram Whisky Gold Medal     PA
      Tell It To Sweeney     MA
      Tellmore Whiskey     IL
      Tenbroeck High Grade     
      Tennesee Squire [black]     TN
      Tennesee Squire [gold]     TN
      Tenor High Grade Whiskey     NY
      10 - S Rye Whiskey     MA
      Ten Years Old Millionaires Club     PA
      Ten Years Old No 6 Rothschild Bros.     PA
      Teutonic Rye Whiskey     
      Texla Whiskey     
      The 400 Rye     NY
      The Abel Pure Rye Whiskey     OH
      The ACo Mellow Brook     
      The Adler Company     OH
      The EL Anderson Distilling Company     KY
      The Argyle     
      The Atlantic & Pacific Distributing Co.     MO
      The Atlas Liquor Co     WA
      The Baltir Family Wine House     MI
      The Belmont Bar     MA
      The Best East or West Lagonda Club     OH
      The Best Ever Conneaut     
      The Best from Ocean to Ocean     MO
      The Best Is Good Enough W H Jones Co     MA
      The Best Is What We Offer     OR
      The Best of All Whiskey HS     NY
      The Bethlehem Liquor and Bottling Co     PA
      The Big Four Whiskey     KY
      The Blockdale Pennsylvania     NY
      The Blue Ribbon Winery     CA
      The Blue Ribbon Liquor Supply House     MO
      The Bodega Bar     WA
      The Bott and Cannon Co     OH
      The Bottled In Bond Shop     IL
      The Brookville Co Cincinnati Ohio     OH
      The Brookville Co Cincinnati [stencil]     OH
      The Budweiser Bar     MO
      The Burdick Merc Co     MO
      The Bureau     OR
      The Bureau Talkington     OR
      The California     OR
      The California M J Iversen     CA
      The California Wine House Cor     MN
      The California Wine House Established     MN
      The California Wine House Established [barrel]     MN
      The California Wine House of St Paul     MN
      The California Wine House of St Paul [caps]     MN
      The California Wine House Sole Agents     WA
      The Chas Carlson Importing Co     IL
      The Castle Monogram Whiskey John Stange     CA
      The Castle & Castle Branch     CA
      The Celebrated Norwood Bourbon     IL
      The Celebrated Latoska     WA
      The Challenge Old Scotch Whisky     UK
      The JW Cheesman Distilling Co     KY
      The Coates Kansas City     MO
      The Coates Kansas City [var]     MO
      The Dayton Distilling Co Old Mont=Day     OH
      The Denver Furniture and Carpet Store     CO
      The DDCo Detrick 10th Dayton [alt]     OH
      THE DDCo Detrick 10th Dayton [feathers, alt]     OH
      The DDCo Detrick 10th Tippecanoe [alt]     OH
      The JJ Douglas Co Incorporated [globe]     KY
      The Douglas Edelman Dist Co     KY
      The JJ Douglas Co Inc     KY
      The JJ Douglass Co Incorporated     KY
      The JJ Douglass Co A Drink for You and I     KY
      The Elm Tap Ales Wines     NH
      The Famous     WA
      The Famous Black-Red     MA
      The Famous Cream of Kentucky     OH
      The Famous Old Walker Whiskey     KY
      The Famous Queen of Nelson     KY
      The Flags of Allies     
      The Forst Keller     WI
      The Freemen Dist'g Co.     MN
      The Freemen Dist'g Co [dose]     MN
      The Charles R Gibson Co     NY
      The Globe Wine Co.     MN
      The Gopher Dist Co     MN
      The Greater New York Wine & Liquor Co     NY
      The Aug Greulich Co Jockey Club     WI
      The Aug Greulich Co Montebello Rye     WI
      The Grotto Ward & Frye     CA

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