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o TEN o YEARS o OLD o / MILLIONAIRES' / CLUB / Fine Old Whiskey / Isaac Mansbach & Co. / PHILADELPHIA

ID#: RRP568
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label, gold rim
Dimensions:2-3/8 " x 2-1/16 " x 1-1/2"
Edmonson:Not listed
Brand Registered:1905
Isaac Mansbach & Co. listed from 1897-1914.

Directories first show Mansbach listed with Schwartz & Mansbach (1876-1885), then Schwartz, Mansbach & Co. (1886-1896). Mansbach left and set up his own wholesale business in partnership with Louis Mansbach. By 1910, Isaac and Betha Mansbach are shown running the company.

Sometime before 1918 (perhaps as early as 1915 because in that year he lists without an occupation), Isaac broke up the company and in 1919 is in partnership with Harry Schoenthal & Co. Apparently he took the "Barneys Pure Malt" brand with him.

318 Market, the premises that Mansbach & Co occupied from 1906 on, still stands amidst modern glass and steel surrounds and is a part of a preserved block that houses a post office.

Brand names used by this company include: "Barneys Malt Whiskey", "Millionaires Club", "Philadelphia Club", and "XXXX Very Old Whiskey."

Company name timeline:
Isaac Mansbach & Co.

Address timeline:
19 N Front (1897-1905) & 20 N Water (1905), 318 Market (1906-1914)

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