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TRADE MARK / ANDERSON / SOUR MASH / WHISKEY. Between "TRADE" and "MARK" is a frosted cross encircled by an elborate curlecued decoration. The cross has tiny tsp letters that read ANDERSON (at left, upward) / DISTILLERY (top) / COMPANY (at right, downward) / LOUISVILLE / KENTUCKY (bottom). In the center is HAND MADE / SOUR MASH / FIRE / COPPER WHISKEY (reverse arched)

ID#: RRP1021
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:2-5/16 " x 2-1/4 " x 1-5/8"
Edmonson:Not listed
Anderson & Nelson Distilleries Co. listed from 1886-1919.

The company was originally known as Newcomb, Buchanan & Co, which in 1871 was already the largest distilling company in Kentucky. Previous incarnations of the company are unknown at this time. The following timeline is based on the Coyte papers, cited in OASG, 1988), and information from city directories .

1871-1875: Newcomb, Buchanan & Co. The president Geo. C Buchanan, who had built the Anderson, Buchahan, Graystone and Nelson distilleries.

1876: The company reorganized and was now known as The Newcomb Co.

1877-1884: Another reorganization yielded The Newcomb-Buchanan Co.

1885: The Anderson & Nelson Distilleries Co. was incorporated with Herman Becurts, President, Fred W. Adams, Secretary and Manager. Geo Buchanan managed sales. The financing for the reorganization was provided by the UK-based Paris, Allen & Co.

Coyte shows that the company by this time controlled six distillery warehouses and nine major brands of whiskey:
RD#4, Newcomb-Buchanan Co., Nelson brand;
RD#97 Anderson Distillery Co., Anderson brand;
RD#352 Jacob Ambs & Co., Woodcock brand;
RD#353 Geo. C. Buchanan, "Buchanan";
RD #353 Jno. Endress & Co., Grape Creek;
RD#368 R. P. Pepper & Co., Old R. P. Pepper ;
RD#368 J. A. Monks & Sons, Pee Dee;
RD#369 Geo. C. Buchanan, Graystone;
RD#369 J. A. Monks & Sons, Monks.

The Graystone was operating as The Allen-Bradley distilleries.

1890: The Graystone distillery burned to the ground and its substantial output was was later replaced by the Elk Run. Mr. Buchanan contined to travel selling whiskey. The Jesse-Moore-Hunt Co. of California gained an interest in the company.

1905: The company was absorbed by the Trust (KD&W) and by 1912 they were producing Anderson, Nelson, Buchanan, Slocum, Jefferson, Jackson, U. S. Club, Elk Run, and possibly other brands. In addition they distilled for other trust companies such as Regan and Imorde.

1918: A large alcohol plant was built adjacent to the Nelson plant on Hamilton avenue.

1920-1933: During prohibition the warehouses of the company were used by the American Medicinal Spirits Co. for concentration warehouses. Some warehouses along the creek were fitted with large steel tanks for the U.S. Industrial Alcohol Co. They were only partially filled during a flooding of Beargrass Creek and the tanks broke loose and demolished the warehouses. The distilleries, except Elk Run, were dismantled, buildings on low ground razed, and the property leased to Amil Klempner for a scrap metal yard.

Brand names used by this company include: "Anderson", "Avon Glen", "Deerlick", "Forest Brook", "Gold Springs", "Linden Spring", "Nelson", "Rippling Spring", "U. S. Club", and "Woodleigh."

Company name timeline:
The Anderson & Nelson Distilleries (Distilling) Co.

Address timeline:
116 E Main (1886-1897), 132 E Main (1902-1909), 116 E Main (1909), 1726 Hamilton Ave (1914-1919)

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