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BUGGIES / (below the top line there is a Maltese cross outline at left and two stacked circle outlines at right. The cross contains the word PARRY embossed both vertically and horizontally, sharing the middle "R". The top circle outline encloses the word GOLD reverse arched at the 6 o'clock position. The lower circle encloses an embossed likeness of a man's head, facing left, with WM McKINLEY reverse arched below the circle. Embossed at the base of the glass is name of the city INDIANAPOLIS. To the left of the labels are a set of measure lines marked 1 through 4, with TABLE SPOONS printed vertically at their right.

The obverse of the glass displays a set of measure lines labelled LADIES (lower), GENTLEMEN (middle) and a picture of a scrawny hog at top. To the right of the measure lines are two additional stacked circle outlines. The one at the top encloses the word SILVER reverse arched at the 6 o'clock position. The lower circle contains a man's head, with the text W. J. BRYAN reverse arched below. The base of the glass is embossed with a line that reads LOOK FOR THE PUZZLE)

ID#: RRP2334

obverse of glass
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Glass Category:Political
Glass Type:Jelly glass
Label Type:Embossed
Dimensions:2-3/4" x 2-1/16" x 1-1/2"
Edmonson:Not listed
Parry Mfg.Co. listed from 1882-1930.

Parry Mfg.Co. was established in 1882 by David Maclean Parry and his brother Thomas H. Parry, who purchased C Spring Cart Co. of Rushville, IN. The new business manufactured road carts and buck-boards.

In 1884, the company moved to Indianapolis and merged with the Great Woodburn Savern Wheel Company to for the Parry Manufacturing Co., with D.M. Parry as President and T.H. Parry as General Supervisor of Manufacturing.

In 1888, St. Clair Parry jointed the firm as the Secretary & Treasurer, later becoming the President. Parry Manufacturing Company was producing 1,000 buggies & carts a day.

In 1890 the company began making four-wheeler vehicles, such as surreys, piano-box buggies, phaetons, buckboards, and spring wagons. The company manufacturing site includied 19 buildings covering 20 acres.

By 1896 there were over 2,800 employees and and had become the largest buggy manufacturer in the world.

In 1898, Edward R. Parry joined the company as Sales Manager, later becoming Vice President.

In 1901, Frank N. Fitzgerald and Lot D. Guffin (both son-in-laws of D.M. Parry) were on the Board.

In 1910, S.C. Parry was President, E.R. Parry was Vice President, L.D. Guffin was Treasurer and Abram Parry was Secretary.

Parry Manufacturing continued making buggies until 1916. By then the company's focus was automobile trailers and truck bodies.

In 1919, they merged with Martin to become Martin-Parry, still making truck bodies. General Motors acquired the Martin-Parry Co. in 1930 for $900,000.

Company name timeline:
Parry Mfg. Co.

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