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Yellowstone (arched, old English script) / Highball (slanted up, script)

ID#: RRP251
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled highball, 20 molded panels inside glass
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:4-5/16 " x 2-7/16 " x 1-13/16"
Edmonson:HSG, p. 199, entry #6
Brand Registered:1905
Taylor & Williams listed from 1878-1919.

The wholesale firm of Taylor & Williams was established in 1865 in Louisville by D. H. Taylor and originally known as D. H. Taylor & Co. At that time the firm controlled the output of Hawkins Bros. Anderson County Sour Mash and private brands Rich Hill and Honey Dew.

In 1871 the sales manager, Charles Townsend, made his annual trip to the West Coast. En route he visited the newly opened Yellowstone National Park and, noting the enthusiasm over this natural wonder, contemplated naming a brand of whiskey after it. Upon his return, the Yellowstone brand was established.

In 1877, J. T Williams joined the firm which became Taylor & Williams. The popularity of the Yellowstone brand resulted in a contract in the 1880s with J. B. Dant, owner of Cold Spring Distillery in Gethsemane, to produce and bottle this and other brands for Taylor & Williams.

Between 1890 and 1900 the name Cold Spring was dropped and the distillery produced only Yellowstone, Rich Hill and Honey Dew, brands that were registered to Taylor & Williams.

In 1903, Taylor and Williams incorporated with J. B. Dant as President., W. H. Duane, VP, C. J. Cassilly, Secy., and Sam J. Dant, Treas.

In 1910, Taylor and Williams purchased the M. C. Beam & Co. distillery, which was located adjacent to Taylor & Williams.

After prohibition, the Dant family and others dismantled the distillery property at Gethsemane, established Yellowstone, Inc. and built a distillery in Jefferson county, near Shively. This plant and its brands were purchased by Glenmore Distilleries, Inc. in 1944. A few years later the plant was phased out (History is from the Coyte papers, cited in OASG, 1988).

In 1892, the company also had a stake in the J G Mattingly & Bro. distillery (RD #2, 5th Dist.) and the the Crystal Springs Distilleries (RD #3 and RD #78) in Louisville, and were drawing liquor from the warehouses of the Fern cliff Distillery (RD #409, 5th Dist.), also in Louisville.

Brand names used by this company include: "Big Horn", "Honey Dew", "Rich - Hill", "Taylor & Williams", "Yellow Hammer", "Yellow Spring", "Yellow Stone", "Yellowstone", and "Yellowstone."

Company name timeline:
Taylor & Williams

Address timeline:
27 3 rd betw Main & River (1878-1881), 133 3 rd (1882-1891), 107 W Main (1892-1905), 843-845 W Main (1907-1909), 831 W Main (1909-1919)

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