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L. STROUSE & CO. (arched) / Fine Whiskies (old English) / PHILADELPHIA, PA. (reverse arched)

ID#: RRP2627
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:2-7/16" x 2-1/16" x 1-9/16"
Edmonson:Not listed
L Strouse & Co. listed from 1860-1918.

"Philadelphia, Old and New" provides a summary: Est ca. 1843 by L Strouse, later becoming L Strouse and Co. In 1886, Strouse died and the firm reorganized under the control of Elias Wineland (a German with the firm since 1854 and married to daughter of L Strouse) Mrs L Strouse, and Abraham Strouse. Business premises were 11,000 sq. ft (pictured) on 4 storeys and a basement.

The directories begin in 1860 and show a "Levi Strouse, Liquors", located at 116 N 3rd.
By 1865, he's shown to 337 N Front.
By 1870, the company has become "Strouse & Baum, Liquors", located at 122 Walnut and 17 Granite. The business consisted of Levi Strouse and Adam Baum, the later of whom also had a store, "Adam Baum Liquors", at 309 N Front.
1875 sees the company listing as "L Strouse & Co. Liquors", 213 N 3rd. The partners were Levi Strouse, Benjamin Strouse and Karl Straus. The latter dropped out by 1880.
In 1890, the company is at 213 N 3 rd and composed of Elizabeth Strouse, Mayer Strouse, Abraham Strouse and Elias Wineland. The same partners appear in 1895 but Mayer is now Nathan - perhaps a misprint in the previous year?
In 1905 and 1910, Abraham Strouse & Elias Wineland are running the business. Wineland leaves by 1915 and is replaced by Nathan Strouse and the two continue in partnership until Prohibition.

The 1921 and 1925 directories list Nathan only, no occupation.

Brand names used by this company include: "Centennial", "Clover Leaf", "Clover Valley", "Gay Lord", "Montana Club", and "Rosebud."

Company name timeline:
Levi Strouse (1860-1865), Strouse & Baum (1870-1871), L Strouse & Co. (1872-1920)

Address timeline:
116 N 3rd (1860), 337 N Front (1865), 122 Walnut (1870-1872) & 17 Granite (1870-1871), 213 N 3rd (1873-1920)

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