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"SUSPECTS HIS MASTER" (arched) / (picture of a dog with his ear to a phonograph horn, attached to a whiskey jug upon which is written in tsp letters: BROWN / FORMAN / DISTILLERS / LOUISVILLE / KY) / TUCKER WHISKEY (reverse arched).

ID#: RFV106
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:Measurements omitted
Edmonson:Not listed
Brand Registered:1905
Brown-Forman Co. listed from 1870-1919.

1870: Brown-Forman was founded by George Garvin Brown and his half-brother, John Thompson Street Brown, Jr., operating as J. T. S. Brown & Bro. George Brown had previously worked with a drug company. The firm purchased quality straight whiskies from J.M. Atherton Co., (the Atherton and Mayfield distilleies, the Mellwood distillery in Louisville (RD #34, 5th District), and J.B.Mattingly at St. Marys in Marion county, which they blended and sold in the form of barrel goods as "Sidroc Bourbon", "Atherton Bourbon", and "Mellwood Bourbon". Later they introduced the "Old Forrester" brand (eventually becoming "Old Forester") , named after a Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Old Forrester was sold in bottles to prevent adulteration by unscrupulous wholesalers and saloon-keepers and thereby established a quality brand that the company became famous for.

1872: J. T. S. Brown & Bro. hired George Forman of Paris, KY, as a salesman. Forman later became the company's bookkeeper.

1873: Henry Chambers became a major stockholder in the firm, so it was renamed Brown, Chambers & Co. Chambers was associated with a drug company and had given George Brown his first job. J.T.S. Brown left the partnership sometime soon afterwards.

1876: James Thompson, a native of Ireland and a relative, was hired.

1879: James Thompson and George Forman formed a sales agency to represent Brown, Chambers & Co.

1881: Henry Chambers retired and sold his shares in Brown, Chambers & Co. to George Brown, James Thompson and George Forman. The company was renamed Brown, Thompson & Co., with Forman as a junior partner.

1890: Thompson sold out to George Brown and George Forman in order to buy the Glenmore Distillery from the Monarch estate. The name then became Brown, Forman & Co., Brown owning 90% and Forman 10% of the partnership.

1892: the company was being supplied by the Pleasure Ridge Park distillery of Kentucky's 5th district: see the distillery listing for more details.

1901: George Forman died and his widow sold his share in the company to George Brown and was granted permission to continue the name. George Brown incorporated as Brown-Forman Co., capital $100,000.

1902: The company acquired the Ben Mattingly Distillery at St. Marys, KY and became the Brown-Forman Distillery Co.

1904: George Brown's son Owsley joined the firm. Company letterheads from the time show the board of directors to consist of: George G Brown (President), T T Wallis (VP), Wm B Penwick (Secretary & Treasurer), Fontaine T Kremer (Asst. to the President), Vernon Brown, M MT Alexander, John B Cary and W C Perry.

1917: George Brown died and his son Owsley took over the company.

1920: Prohibition. Owsley Brown secured one of only 10 federal permits that allowed whiskies to be stored and distributed to druggists for medicinal purposes.

Downard, 1980
Edmonson, 1988
Company website:

Brand names used by this company include: "Beech Fork", "Cloverdale", "Diamond Bluff", "Fox Mountain", "Gilded Age", "Hawthorne", "La Rue", "La Rue's Best", "Major Paul", "Major Paul's Widow", "Mason Rye", "Mc B", "O. S. K.", "Old Forester", "Old Forman", "Old Mason Rye", "Old Polk", "Old Tucker", "Old Webwood", "Russett", "Sidros Bourbon", "Tucker", "Tucker Rye", and "Widow Mc Bee."

Company name timeline:
J T S Brown & Bro. (1871-1873), Brown, Chambers & Co. (1874), Brown, Thompson & Co. (1881-1889), Brown, Forman & Co. (1891-1903), Brown-Forman Dist. Co. (D: 1903), Brown-Forman Co. (1904-1919)

Address timeline:
320-322 Main, nr 8 th (1871-1873), 209 Main, nr 8 th (1874), 243 Main, nr 7 th (1881),123-125 W Main (1882-1909), 117 W Main (1909-1919)

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