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JED CLAYTON (slanted)

ID#: TGM1107
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Beaded
Dimensions:2-1/4 " x 2 "
Edmonson:Not listed
Rheinstrom Bros. listed from 1876-1917.

OASG, p. 43, entry #1 is an enamel variant.

They also listed as the "Eagle Liquers" Distilleries.

The 64th annual report of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce lists Samuel H Fechheimer and Walter F Foreman as being associated with this company in 1912. In 1914, the annual report lists Samuel H Fechheimer and James A Rheinstrom.

Brand names used by this company include: "Aetna", "Antioch", "Beacon Light O.F.", "Breckenridge Club", "Capital Club", "Cotton Bale Rye", "Dave Copperfield", "Del Monte", "Delta Club", "Derby Club", "Dragon Gin", "Dunlap Malt", "Eagle Malt", "Eagle Planet Gin", "Eagle's Pride", "East Port", "Elk Club Rye", "Fleetwood", "General Arthur", "Georgia", "Golden Key", "Golden Seal", "Good As Gold ", "Hazel Dell White Rye", "Home Guard", "Jed Clayton", "Kriskringle Rye", "Lewisdale", "Millville", "National League", "Novena Old Rye", "Old Home Still", "Old Jed Russell", "Old Reserve Rye", "Padlock", "Patriot", "Santa Claus", "Security", "Seward Rye", "Souvenir ", "Sydenham", "Talisman Rye", "Ten Broeck", "The Aetna", "Tom Howe O.P.S.", "U. S. Mail Box Rye", "Uncle John", "Uncle Josh", "Windsor Club", and "Ye Olden Times."

Company name timeline:
Rheinstrom Bros (1876-1916), The Rheinstrom Bros Co. (1917)

Address timeline:
24 Sycamore (1876), 57 E 2 nd (1877-1878), 56-58 E 3 rd (1881-1882), 57 E 2 nd (1883), 54-62 E 2 nd (1885), 54-62 E 3 rd (1887), Pearl & Main (1893), Pearl & Martin (1894-1895), 919-921 Martin (1896-1917), junct Pearl, Martin & Front (1898-1900)

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