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      Glass Inscription    State
      Carroll Rye Toasts the Workingman     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts the Workingman [var]     CA
      Wilkie Carter & Co.     NM
      Cascade Falls Pure Rye Elyria     OH
      James Casey     OH
      Caseys Whiskey DQ     NY
      Caseys Whiskey DQCo     NY
      Caseys Whiskey Daniel Quinn     NY
      Casting Club Rye Whiskey Union Wholesale Liquor     IL
      Castle Brand Pure Whiskies     MA
      Castle Square Rosenzweig     IL
      Castlewood Whiskey Cartan McCarthy     CA
      RH Cate Co Distillers     TN, KY
      Fletch M Catron Pure Whiskies     TN
      Caught on the Fly Carroll Rye     CA
      Cedar Run Experience Skill     KY
      Cedar Rye Weidman Fries Co.     OH
      Celebrated Latoska Whiskey     WA
      Central Dist Co Central Stone     AK, IL, TN
      Central Dist Co Central Stone [var]     AK, IL, TN
      Central Dist Co Helena Ark     AK, IL, TN
      Central Hotel Westfield Mass     MA
      Central Liquor Store     
      Cervus alces     
      Challenge Pure Old Rye     NY
      M H Chamberlain Silver Rye Detroit     MI
      Champagne Binet Fils     France
      Chancellor Sour Mash     MO
      Chapin Gore     IL
      Wm A Chaplin Wines & Liquors     MA
      Chapman & Co The House of Quality     WA
      Charlesgate Whiskey Doyle & Co.     MA
      L Chassange Co     CA
      Chat Noir     
      Cheatham Wholesale Liquor Dealer     TN
      John W Cherry Wholesale     IL
      Chesterbrook Bottled in Bond     MO
      Chesterfield Whiskey     OH
      Chesterfield Whiskey [beaded label]     OH
      Chester Whiskey Cahnmann & Co.     NY
      Chesterwood A Fine Whiskey     DC
      Chevalier Bayard Commandery     IL
      Chief Justice Whiskey     
      Chieftain Rye [12]     PA
      Chieftain Rye [14]     PA
      Childs & Co Superior Monte Cristo     NY
      Chippewa Whiskey     NY
      Choice Liquors for Family and Medicinal Use     MA
      Chums Scranton Distributing Co [old]     PA
      Chums Scranton Distributing Co [mod]     PA
      City Club Whiskey James W Mulcay     NY
      Claigmoor Melczer Bros     CA
      Clara Belle Bourbon     NE
      Claremont Tavern     OR
      Clark Palm Garden Boston     MA
      N Clarke Sons Inc Mail Order Wines and Whiskies     MD, FL
      Clary Liquor Co     MA
      Claussen Mothers Malt Seattles Best Tonic     WA
      Thomas Clay Co East Dubuque     IL
      Jed Clayton     OH
      Jed Clayton [enamel]     OH
      Jed Clayton [colored enamel]     OH
      Sam Clay Whiskey     PA
      Clear Brook Whiskey Goodhart-Hartman     IL
      Clear Lake Rye Hildreth     TX
      Clear Rock Famous Whiskey     TX
      Clermont AAA Levaggi     CA
      Clermont AAA Levaggi [with measures]     CA
      Clinchfield Pure Rye Whiskey     VA
      Clinton County Bottling Co     PA
      S H Close Imperial Monogram     PA
      Clover Rye     TN
      Clover Rye [bar glass]     TN
      Clover Club Boyle & McGlinn     PA
      Clover Lawn Whiskey     MO
      Club Flush Rye Whiskey     OH
      Club House     MO
      L A Clyde Market St     PA
      Coast Club Whiskey     
      Cobbs XXXX Whiskey     MA
      Cock Robin Pure Old Hand Made Sour Mash Whiskey     MA
      Cold Spring     KY
      Colgate The Best Whiskey     MD
      Colgate The Best Whiskey Baltimore [variant]     MD
      Colonial Wine Co     DC
      Columbe's Pride of the Wheat     NY
      Columbia Rye Lasky     MD
      Columbia Club     
      Columbian Rye Whiskey     PA
      Columbia World's Fair     IL
      Come On Boys     MA
      Comin Thro the Rye Dirigo     PA
      Comin' Through the Rye Dirigo     PA
      Comment=Sa=Vas Blake & Cyr     MA
      Commercial Club Rye Lemon Buch [1]     PA
      Commercial Club Rye Lemon Buch [2]     PA
      Commercial Club Whiskey Rath     MO
      Commercial Mining & Stockmens     OR

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