On the fifth day of Christmas, eBay brought to me, five go~o~ld rims…

Who can resist a pre-pro glass with a shiny gold rim, even if it’s a common Hayner. Not me. Here’s five to enjoy – three common glasses from the past few weeks and two worthy of a special mention.

The two Hayner glasses were listed for sale by humbay; the Hayner Distilling glass sold but the lockbox is still listed for sale for $17.50. The Zimmerman was listed by barberkim4675 and sold for $15.50.

The T M Ferguson is a San Francisco classic that looks great in the display case when in mint condition, and most of the extant examples I’ve seen indeed look to be mint. The example shown above was listed for sale by digbybot and sold for $121.35, which I think is well worth the price for looks alone, even though they have traditionally sold for less.

M Quinn glasses such as the one shown above are something of a puzzle to me because the always sell for a high premium. Yes, they’re KC glasses and there are many KC collectors vying for them, but there’s got to be a back story that accounts for their desirability – if anyone could shed light on the matter, please add a comment below. I know of three different Quinn variants. The one above is an example of the rarest of the three (there is also a rare “Bouquet Whiskey” glass and another flared QQQ glass that can be found in the database). It was listed for sale by qualtiqs and sold for $152.50.