On the second day of Christmas, eBay brought to me… two turtle doves

Legal disclaimer – it’s a dove, but it’s not a turtle dove, and there’s only one, but we live in an age where reality is routinely redefined by group thinking and the interwebs, so free to use your imagination on this one.

A turtle dove. Really.

Despres was a Chicago firm notable for two glasses with an inscription that incorporated blue in the design. The first, an example of which is featured here, shows up for sale once every 5 years or so. A white-etched dove is enclosed within a blue circle outline that spells out the wholesaler’s name. I’ve seen the second only once, and that was in Bob Mraz’ collection. The dove appears on a black circle within the blue circle outline with black etching. I had a chance to visit Bob and photograph his collection while out West for an FOHBC national. Bob is no longer with us and I’m not certain where the glass ended up, but it’s a rare one for sure.

Glasses with blue/white labels are very uncommon. Offhand, I can only think of the Blue Bell from Barth & Co. in WI, the Old Ironsides from Magullion in MA, and the TPA from Kayser & Hegner Co. in OH. They make for an interesting addition to the display case.

The latest example of the twice-a-decade glass showed up on eBay a week or so ago, just in time for Christmas. It sold for $31.95.

Peace, good will toward men!