On the sixth day of Christmas, eBay brought to me… 6 painted typo glasses

This was one of the more interesting offerings on eBay over the past few weeks and an easy one to miss if one were not familiar with the heavier, pressed and embossed/debossed pre-pro glasses.

In addition to a handful of more common thin-walled shots, Stulz Brothers of Kansas City, MO. produced several unconventional glasses, ranging from tall wine glasses to squat shots with their name embossed in the base. One such glass looks like a dose or bitters glass with a short stem, with the Stulz Bros. name appearing as debossed text in the base.

This glass is notable for the reversed “Z” in “Stulz.” It’s a relatively uncommon glass that shows up for sale every 4 or 5 years, with a couple of them selling in the $100 range.

So I was interested to see a set of six of them show up on eBay for an opening bid of $50, offered for sale by carnival96. What made this grouping notable is that the glasses have been decorated with a colorful flower design:

The auction closed without a bidder, but was immediately relisted and sold for a best offer price of $25.

I would have to assume that this was a professionally-decorated set and some kind of premium giveaway; it would be interesting to know what the true history was. Regardless, it’s a fascinating find!