On the tenth day of Christmas, eBay brought to me…

Here’s one that we haven’t seen on eBay before, although it is in the database, the listing courtesy of the late Bob Mraz.

Not the fanciest of pre-pro glasses, but the King Kotton Korn (abbreviated “KKK”; was this intentional, I wonder?) brand name was owned Heller & Co., who were based in Bristol, VA. right across the state line from Bristol. TN and who had branches throughout the Southern States.

The VA/TN connection to this glass guaranteed that the final bid price was going to be high given the number of collectors interested in pre-pro collectibles from these two States, but even I was surprised by the auction outcome. The glass was listed for sale by tpe_asl and was sniped in the final seconds with a final bid price of $277.72.